How To Grow Tomatoes

Tomato is an annual flowering plant that is cultivated in places that have moderate climate. It is also known as Solanum lycopersicum. There are different varieties of this plant such as cherry tomatoes, beefsteak and slicing tomatoes. Tomatoes are very useful to prepare dishes such as Gazpacho. Following are some easy and dimple step by step guidelines for cultivating tomatoes.

Preparing the soil and planting the seeds

One must have sufficient background on soil preparation to know how to grow tomatoes. An area having sufficient supply of sunlight and water should be selected. Compost should be added to the soil, this will ensure that the soil is able to hold water. Read here on how amendments can help in the quality of your soil. Now the tomato seeds should be planted after a last month’s frost. Dig holes in the soil for planting seeds. Two tomato seeds can be planted in each hole and the holes can be covered with soil. The soil should be watered once a day. The seeds will start to grow after a week.

Grow Tomatoes How To Grow Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes in containers

For growing and cultivating tomatoes effectively in a container, the first step is to choose a container having a depth of three inches. Put the seeds in the container, add compost and then place soil in the container. Now the container has to be placed in a warm and dry place. After a week, seeds will be visible on the surface of the soil. The container has to be transferred to a place that has enough source of light. Any small shoots seen between the main stem of the plant and the leaf stems should be removed, this will make the tomatoes healthy.

Time to Harvest

For stimulating the growth of the plant, the best way is to harvest the tomatoes that can be been. If there is an unexpected frost, all the unique fruits should be harvested and placed in a warm and dry place. The ripe tomatoes should not be refrigerated because the temperature inside the refrigerator can affect the flavor of the fruits.

Additional Tips

For growing the tomatoes successfully, it should be made sure that the temperature of the soil must be above 50 degrees F. If tomatoes are planted in a container, then the containers should not be placed in an area which is exposed to direct sunlight. Direct sunlight exposure can burn the leaves of the plant. When at least eight trusses are seen, the plant’s growing tip should be removed to produce fruits of good quality. If there are any dead leaves on the stem, they should be removed because they can be a hurdle in the growth of the plant. Lastly, the unripe tomatoes should be placed in an area which always has a temperature of above 54.5 degrees F for allowing the fruits to ripe.

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