How To Grow Sugar Crystals

Growing sugar crystals is very easy to learn. The procedure is similar to producing salt crystals and is fairly simple and easy. However, sugar is much better than salt as it is a very tasty treat. Kids can also use it as a school project for science classes. It is not only yummy but it can also get good scores and grades for children.

Things Needed

Before starting this simple task, all the required things have to be gathered. They are 3 cups of sugar, saucepan and oven mitts. In addition, a pencil, cotton string and a glass jar are also needed. A stirring spoon, paper clip and food coloring will also be needed. Furthermore, at least a cup of water has to be prepared.

Sugar Crystals How To Grow Sugar Crystals


  • First, boil at least, one cup of water. Then pour the boiled water in a clean glass jar. Add three cups of sugar and slowly stir the mixture. The process should be done in a speedy way as it can have a negative effect on the result. Continue till the sugar stops to dissolve and starts settling at the bottom of the glass container. The right color has to be carefully selected. Add little quantity of food colors, it should not be in to much excess.
  • Take a pencil and locate its center, then tie a string right at the point and a paper clip has to be tied at the opposite end of the string. The pencil has to be placed at the top of the jar while the paper clip hangs on it. Now, the string has to be adjusted in a position so the paper clip almost reaches the jar’s lowest point. The jar has to be now placed where it is most unlikely to be disturbed, moved or touched. It should be left for at least 24 hours. Sugar crystals will start forming on the paper clip.

Additional Tips

For ensuring the cleanliness of the sugar crystals, it has to be covered with a paper towel before putting it away for drying. In case there is no paper clip, any alternative can be used such as fishing weight or any other where the crystals can be formed. Most important tip is that the glass jar used for this project should endure extremely hot temperature. Similarly, supervision of adult is important especially while handling hot water. For children, this is worth giving a try!

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