How To Grow Potatoes

Potatoes have a lot of numerous uses particularly in cooking. These simple ingredients can be used to make and cook delicious dishes. By learning to grow potatoes, you don’t need to go to the grocery store and supermarkets to buy such a simple fruit just for making tasty dishes.

Things Needed

Before learning to grow potatoes, all the requited essentials must be gathered to accomplish the task. The things include seed potatoes, shovel and mulch. In addition, a garden hose, garden towel, fertilizers and compost markers are also needed for this task.

Grow Potatoes How To Grow Potatoes


  • The first thing to begin with is selecting the right location for the seed potatoes and that must be exposed to receive plenty of sunshine. In addition, the soil must be enriched with minerals such as phosphorous and potatoes. On the other hand, the nitrogen levels must be low. There must also be no debris, rocks or any other things in the soil that can block the path of the seeds.
  • When the right location has been selected for the task, the seeds have to be sowed in holes each measuring at least twelve inches deep. To make sure that the texture of soil for the seeds is right, good amount of compost should be added. Experts are of a view that care has to be taken and manure should not be used in the soil for this particular task as it can result in a certain kind of plant disease.
  • The measurement of each seed potatoes must be at least two inches in diameter. The seeds can be cut into two or three smaller pieces for bigger varieties. According to experts, deep planting method is recommended for this project. This method requires each hole to be 12 inches away from each other to give seeds plenty of space to grow. When the height of the plant finally reaches six to eight inches, the surrounding areas below the stem must be covered with a good amount of mulch. The process has to be repeated until the plants grow fully. Finally, fine potatoes will grow inside the mulch.
  • Harvest time for potatoes will ultimately arrive after seven to eight weeks.

Tips and Information

Experts are of a view that homegrown potatoes are better than those sold in supermarkets and grocery stores as they are free from chemicals. During the mulching process, hay, dried leaves and straw can also be used for this task. During the growing process, the tuners must never be exposed to direct sunlight as they tend to produce toxic alkaloid known as solanine.

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