How to Grow Poppies

Poppy is a combined term used to refer to colorful flowers belonging to various types including canbya, romneya, meconopsis and papaver. The seeds are used in different kinds of Russian, Bengali, Ukrainian and Romanian dishes as special ingredients. The conditions that contribute to the growth of the flowers have to be known before learning how to grow poppies. Here are the essentials that one should know before growing poppies.

Things Needed

For avoiding problems and having delays, preparing al things needed for this activity is important. The things needed are potting soil, planting tray and Builders sand. In addition, a spray bottle is also needed for applying fertilizer and watering the plants. Several packets of seeds have to be bought for growing the plants successfully.

Poppies How to Grow Poppies


  • First, the Builders sand has to be placed in a planting tray and the seeds have to be mixed with the sand. The sanding tray has to be placed in an area having plenty of sunlight. In case if threes is no such space available then fluorescent light can be used in that area. However one has to be sure that the plants should receive sufficient sunlight for at least 8 to 10 hours every day and the plants have to be watered twice or thrice every day. It should be ensured that the soil is not soggy. Spray bottle has to be used when watering the plants. The seeds have to be watered till the leaves start growing.
  • When the leaves start appearing, wait for a couple of days before transferring them to pots. Each pots have to be filled with 2/3 potting mix and 1/3 Builders sand. Now, the mature have to be carefully removed. To save the plants form getting damaged, use a knife by slipping it under and then slowly lifting them up. They have to be planted on pots with soil, they have to be watered everyday for best results. They should be left outdoor every day which can actually harden them. They have to be positioned in spots that are partly shaded. This will prevent direct sunlight from burning the leaves.
  • When the spring arrives, it is better to place the plants outside. Some good spots in the gardens will be good. Dog holes in well drained areas that have a depth of about two inches. Carefully remove them from the pots and plant them over there. They have to be regularly watered for ensuring proper nourishment. The soil should be firm and check frequently for the damaged and pest infected leaves. They have to be removed for maintaining the attractiveness and beauty of the plants. It is worth giving a try!

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