How To Grow Grass

Grass gives a pleasant look to the eyes especially when it is taken care off in a proper way. People want grass to make their surrounding look more beautiful. Backyards give a better look when there is grass spread all over. They also work as a cushion on the soil, this is reason why many sports throughout the world have grass such as Cricket, baseball, American football etc. Instead of hiring professionals and paying an expensive amount for grass, growing it can be easily learned and more money can be saved.

Things Needed

Growing grass can be easily learned especially when right things and sufficient knowledge of this task is known. It is a fairly simple job. Easily available materials are needed like metal rake, topsoil and straw. It is important to purchase the right type of grass seed which is crucial for the complete success of the task. Similarly, there should also be plenty of water, this is important for the quick growth of grass.

Grass How To Grow Grass


  • A nice place should be selected to plant the seeds. A metal rake has to be used to work the soil up. It should be made sure that the soil is properly worked up, it will guarantee nice growth of grass. The seeds have to be sprinkled right on top of it throughout the area. To make the soil even, step on it. Then get the top soil and use it to cover the seeds. For making things much easier for the growth of seeds, the coating must be light.
  • After a thin coating of topsoil, it can be followed up with straw. Hay should not be used as this can have a negative result on the growth of the seeds. All the areas should be covered with seeds. When these simple steps are completed, the soil has to be watered on a regular basis. The seeds can be watered at least two to three times daily for quicker results. Watering will no longer be needed when it rains. Grass sprouts will be noticeable within a few weeks. The grass can be now trimmed according to a preferred length. People use lawnmower for trimming to get a uniform growth and nicer look.

Tips and Information

Patience is requires when learning to grow grass. The results might not be seen after a couple of days. In addition, this simple process can take weeks to complete. Regardless of this long interval, it should be regularly watered. At least once morning and evening are good times to water it. This will surely guarantee quicker results. Once your backyard is filled with grass, don’t forget to schedule regular residential lawn mowing to maintain it’s appearance.

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