How To Grow Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a very nutritious plant which has a lot of benefits. It is a type of herbal medicine for healing different kinds of diseases like ulcerative colitis. Furthermore, it fights well against bacterial and fungal infections. In addition, different research studies have revealed that it is very efficient against heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome. They can also be used attractive decorations which can give a livelier look to houses and other architectural structures.

Things Needed

For doing this simple work, few ordinary things are needed. These are a mixture of ¾-dirt and ¼-rock, clay pot and potting soil. In addition, an aloe vera stem cutting that measure at least four to six inches is required.

Grow Aloe Vera How To Grow Aloe Vera

  • First, take a clay pot, fill is half with dirt mixture and rock while the other half must contain potting soil. An inch or two should be dug and then the cutting should be positioned at the center of the clay pot. A plant or root start can also be used as an alternate. If roots are used, than make sure it is buried deep within the soil together with at least an inch of the plant.
  • The surrounding soil has to be pressed at the lower part of the plant. It should be ensured that the plant is properly founded on the soil. More have to be added of the pot is not full. For producing a healthier aloe vera, the plant has to be watered regularly everyday. The plant would need a little extra water in hot weather. Furthermore, the plant should not be left standing for longer time under direct sunlight. On the contrary, cold places need plants to have more exposure of sunlight.

Additional Tips

Plenty of sunlight especially in places where the weather is very cold is important for aloe vera. On the same hand, it is also important that the plant must not be standing for a long period under direct sunlight especially in those places where the weather is hot. Too much exposure in sunlight can burn them dry. It is also important that they should not be regularly watered. The pot should not be flooded with too much water as it can have negative effects on the plant. If these simple ands easy tips are not followed, then the growth of the plant can be hindered considerably.

It is highly encouraged to talk to the plant. Care should be taken and too much water should not be poured on it. Once it turns into a full grown plant, abundant as well as healthy benefits can be enjoyed that can only be provided by this particular plant. This is worth giving a try.

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