How to Get Rid of Love Handles

Have you ever bought a new pair of jeans and put them on, only to see that embarrassing flab hanging over the sides? Well these flabby areas are pockets of fat called love handles. As you stand in your new jeans, do you ask yourself, how do I get rid of these love handles? So you want to know which exercise targets this area. Well unfortunately, there is no specific exercise to target this problem area. It takes regular and daily exercise that targets your whole body. Getting fit, staying fit, and maintaining weight loss will remove those unwanted bulges.

how to get rid of love handles How to Get Rid of Love Handles

It takes a lot of exercise to get rid of one pound of fat. For example, if you eat a 450 calorie piece of cake, you would have to swim for 90 minutes to burn those calories off. In other words, it would be much easier to control your weight by just skipping that piece of cake. Introducing CBD oil in your diet schedule can also help you lose weight as it reduces ones appetite.

One pound of body fat equals 3,600 calories of food. That amount of fat is equal to food intake of 10 calories a day over a one year period. This means you can alter your diet by ten calories a day and lose one pound of fat. If you eat one cookie a day over your normal food requirements, you will gain about 12 pounds a year. So if you eliminate this one cookie a day, you can lose those 12 pounds a year.

Doing normal everyday activities burns off calories too. An average person needs 1,500 calories a day to survive. We burn about one calorie a minute by doing everyday body functions such as breathing, keeping our body temperature normal, etc. If you spend most of your time sleeping or watching television, you only need one calorie a minute of food energy. A person who types for an hour needs only 20 calories more than a sleeping person. A person driving a car will need 100 calories more than a sleeping person. This means 6 saltine crackers or one tablespoon of mayonnaise will provide enough calories for one hour of driving. In other words, high calorie snack food plus low inactivity will accumulate pounds very quickly in a short amount of time.

After adding calories to your body, you need to exercise to control your proper weight. There are many exercise methods available today. Just choose one that is geared toward your individual needs. In order to remove those stubborn love handles, you have to tone and exercise your entire body. Weight loss will not work as a band aid program. You have to make healthy eating and exercise your daily routine. You teeth have something to do with your healthy eating and wellness, that is why it is recommended to visit a good dentist at least once or twice a year. A healthy weight and lifestyle equals a longer and happier life.

Exercise will reduce stress. It will decrease your risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. It will also decrease your chances of getting diabetes and urinary problems. Before starting any new diet or exercise program, always consult a health care professional first. Your medical and health history will determine which diet and exercise program is right for you. Good luck with your new weight loss plan and healthier lifestyle.

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