How to Find Grocery Coupons

There are coupons, vouchers and codes everywhere. If you have a store loyalty card, you can often find a coupon at the end of your receipt, personalized for your own buying habits. This is one of the best ones, but only if you really need it and it can offer you a good deal. Wherever you find coupons, it is important to remember that they are only any good if you use them at the right time. Most of them will have expiry dates, so it is easy to miss the offer. But the golden rule is never to use coupons on something you do not need just because the indian store brisbane is offering it at a cheaper price.

How to Find Grocery Coupons How to Find Grocery Coupons

Hunting for Coupons

Grocery coupons are not just in magazines. There are whole websites devoted to them, with hundreds of links and special codes that have worked for other people. Some stores will even accept coupons and vouchers for products that they are not even designed for. Sometimes you can use a voucher for a box of cereal and actually get that money off your total shopping bill without even having bought cereal. Store policies differ; some will not accept coupons if you have not made that product purchase. But some stores will accept up to $14 worth of these coupons. There is no harm in trying, but you need to be upfront and see if they will accept them.

Paper Sources

Newspapers and magazines are a great place to begin your hunt for those coupons and coupon inserts. Inside your newspapers and magazines, you will find clip-out coupons on advertisements. There are also flyers, either from a store or a manufacturer, that you can use. If you are unsure when the coupons will appear, find out when your favourite newspaper has a food section. It is usually at the weekends and that is where you will find the bulk of the coupons.

On-pack Sources

Manufacturers call them self-liquidating premiums. This is when you will find a coupon on or in the product itself. Some you have to peel off or clip out to give you savings on your next purchase. These are designed to keep you loyal to a brand, so use them sparingly and only if the brand still offers you value. Some are designed to cross-sell other brands that the manufacturer offers. The big manufacturers offer a huge range of different food and household items, so buying some washing powder might give you money off that manufacturer’s coffee.

Online Coupons

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