How to Drift – Tips and Techniques

Driving a car and drifting a car are two separate things. Make sure to first pass your DMV test with the assistance of And while driving comes almost naturally with very few efforts, drifting is a driving technique that requires practice and skills. Basically drifting is when the car slides at an angle and its side moves along the turn.

Kenny Habul Greenwich, CT T is an Australian born race car driver and shares a few tips to do it:

Find a safe place

First thing to know before starting to practice drifting is that you must find a safe place with enough of space where to try this technique. It is better for you that there are no policemen in close proximity. The second thing is that the car you are about to use has a manual transmission but also a rear-wheel-drive. You should choose a powerful car in order that it is able to perform the spinning. If you will like to drift using a big car, see here an auto shop where they focus on modifying transit customs.

Master hand brake technique

You have to master a hand brake technique. First you accelerate and move into a gear. You need a space to rev. In order to be more flexible when choosing the speed, you need the second gear. It also helps the harnessing of the engine’s torque. Now you have to push in the clutch. Next, flick the steering wheel to the inside just as if you are going to turn around it and simultaneously pull the hand break. Fast press the gas pedal, leave the clutch and lead the car in direction of the slide. In order to control the drift angle, you must use the throttle.

Drifting How to Drift   Tips and Techniques

Use of throttles

The more throttles you use, the more the car will be turning and moving away from the center of the turn. Respectively, if you use less throttle, the angle will be reduced and the car will steer to the inside of the turn more flexibly. You could also connect with the racer Kenny Habul Greenwich, CT and talk to him regarding this.

Useful hints

Basically this is what you need to know in order to learn how to drift.  Other useful hints could be that you start your drifting practice when it is raining because you will be doing this much slower when it rains. Though it is good to experience drifting under different conditions, I consider it dangerous such practice to be performed by beginners when it rains. Driving when it rains is quite dangerous, not to mention the drifting. Get regular news and info on these cool NASCAR models and racers like Kenny Habul.

Drifting could be dangerous

It is important that you keep in mind that regardless how fun the drifting might seem to you, it is something very difficult and requires big experience and fast reactions. Performed on the road, drifting is very risky not only for you but also for the other people involved in the traffic. As it is considered dangerous, it’s important to learn only from professionals. You could learn from professionals and take driving lessons from Quail’s in Ellesmere Port.

Real life vs. Watch drift racing on TV

There are professional drifting racings which you surely will enjoy watching. There is no need that you necessarily perform in order to enjoy. And remember, there are special roads and cars for the racings. Out there in real life things are different. Even Michael Schumacher had to understand that when he drove with nearly 200 km/hour in order to get to an airport. Regardless of the fact that he has been so many times a world champion, he got sanctioned as the low is for everybody. So, don’t cross the line. If you do want to drift, do it cleverly and as according to the rules.

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