How to do Rendering Over the Brickwork

The Rendering over the brickwork of a house wall (on solid walls) prevents rainwater reaching the bricks of the outer face of the wall and thereafter crossing to the inner walls to cause damp patches which ruin decorations. Should a damp patch appear, check the outside wall to see if the rendering is cracked or damaged. Sometimes defects are not immediately apparent; gentle tapping along a suspect area with a hammer will find defective patches – they will sound hollow and could fall out even under a light tap. For repairs, use a mortar mix of 1 part Portland cement to 6 parts sand. The sand should be a mixture of soft and sharp sand. For smaller cracks use a proprietary mix, available form d-i-y shops in small bags.

Brickwork How to do Rendering Over the Brickwork

  • Use a sharp cold chisel and club hammer to widen the crack.
  • Undercut the edges with a scrape so that the new mortar can be pressed behind the crack. Remove all loose material using a wire brush. Brush a pva bonding agent, proprietary type, into the crack.
  • Press the mortar well into the crack using a scraper. Remove excess mortar immediately, using an old damp brush.
  • Allow the mortar to dry partially before damping down smoothing off with a trowel or a block of wood.

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