How to Do a Shooting Star Press

One of the most daring sports in the world of wrestling is the shooting star press. A lot of physical and mental struggle is involved in professional wrestling, and that is why to pull through a performance, you need to understand how to do a shooting star press. The stunts and high flies you see among wrestlers in professional wrestling are acts that need a huge amount of training for one to get through without an injury that’s why a sports medicine doctor is always ready to rescue. In case you are wondering what we call the high flying stunts pulled by pro wrestlers, this is what is known as the shooting star press. This stunt is by far the most complexed considering the fact that it involves a lot more than physical strength.

Facts about the shooting star press

For starters, you need to understand that the Shooting star press should not to be done by an amateur, it can fracture your joints and leave you with a concussion. The truth about this daring act of wrestling is that it involves rotations which are done from an elevated position. Most of the times, some of the pro wrestlers perform these stunts on elevated points that include: from cages, ropes, ladders (top) and even walls. The wrestler can also perform the SSP while standing. The innovator behind this stunt was Keiichi Yamada a legendary Japanese pro wrestler. Since then, the shooting star press has been spiced up into a more practical move that many wrestlers use to beat their opponents.

Shooting Star Press How to Do a Shooting Star Press

Before you pull the shooting star press

Since it is a highly risky move, you need to know more than the basics in order to pull through uninjured. This move totally impresses crowds but it could surely embarrass you if you do it wrongly and end up as a laughing stock. It may take sometime before you understand the shooting star press, but with the proper practice execution of the move, it will be so easy. Ensure that you are ready for it.

Executing the shooting star press

  1. You must ensure that your opponent is lying facing up, the place he is lying should be on one corner of the ring or in the middle of the ring.
  1. On the closest side to where your opponent is lying, climb the turnbuckle, you have to be very careful here, a lot of balance is required. For that perfect shot, stand at full height and face the opponent directly.
  1. Using the leverage of the ropes, twist your body backwards using force. This will ensure that you finish off your opponent completely.
  1. The land on your opponent will be with the stomach, and due to the force applied, you need to take cover quickly after bouncing off your opponent.

The tricks that work with the shooting star press

The Swanton bomb: This is a trick that involves climbing up the turnbuckle and jumping off with spread out arms to help the wrestler swing.

The DDT: is a form of shooting star press that is done by a wrestler while standing. It involves grabbing of your opponent immediately after landing using a front face-look.

The corkscrew: it is a form of the shooting star press that requires the wrestler to twist three hundred and sixty degrees while performing motions in the air.

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