How to Design a Kitchen Garden

The wonderful thing about fruit, vegetables and herbs is that there is a variety to suit every situation, whether it’s a small pot on a windowsill or a vast allotment. Even if your family possess just a tiny balcony, your children can enjoy the pleasure of growing and harvesting their own crop.

Aside from the health issues, and the fact that nothing compares with the taste of really fresh produce, there is something almost primitive about the thrill of plucking a piece of fruit off a tree or digging up some home grown vegetables. It is a thousand times more exciting than a trip to the supermarket and a pleasure that remains undiminished by repetition.

Children derive huge pleasure from harvesting fruit and vegetables. It is so satisfying filling a basket with your own produce, and the way root vegetables, such as potatoes and carrots, appear as the soil is turned is magical to a child.
designing a kitchen garden.

kitchen garden How to Design a Kitchen Garden

Some people like to grow their fruit and vegetables in neat, regimented ranks, while others prefer to spice the design up a bit by digging out unusual-shaped beds, such as those found in a potager.

The word potager originated in France, where herbs, vegetables and flowers have long been grown together. The beauty of a potager does not stem solely from what is grown, but from the way it is laid out.

The design may be a simple grid pattern of four square beds with gravel, brick or grass paths between, or a more complicated geometric look – perhaps a circle, with segments radiating out from a centrepiece, such as a sundial or obelisk. You can get tons of design and decoration ideas on Laurel and Wolf.
So the advantage of a potager is that it looks ornamental rather than simply utilitarian. It is possible to make such an attractive design that it is worth positioning it where it can be seen from the house. It’s especially useful in a small space where there is no room for a separate vegetable garden, an upper window from where the patterns of the beds can be appreciated to the full.

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