How to Defend Yourself Against Attack

Martial artists and full contact sport buffs build on offense and defense strategies to score points and prevent the opponent from scoring at a match. Offense and defense skills may be useful for self-defense. It will make you more confident when you know how to defend yourself against attack. If you are ever attacked by someone, consider Bengal Law as you might be entitled to a legal and monetary compensation.

Getting Adults Martial Arts Classes should help in improving your skills whether you’re in it for self-defense or as a new hobby.

Tip 1: Anticipate the attack.

When you anticipate that an attack is coming, you can turn defense into offense.  There are punches, kicks, and takedown maneuvers that will leave the attacker wide open for your counter. Seeing the attack coming and using the short window of reaction time to think of a way to protect yourself will help you protect yourself in times of danger.

Against Attack How to Defend Yourself Against Attack

Tip 2: Block and evade.

You can block an attack and take the force of the blow. However, there are attacks that have very strong force and can cause you an injury if you try blocking it.

Evading an attack is more effective to defend yourself from an oncoming attack. This will help you make another offense while you stay away from the effective range of a blow thrown towards you. You can weave under straight pinches and high kicks. You can sidestep tackles, takedowns, and attacks to your midsection. You can also jump up from low sweeping kicks. Shuffling back is another option to avoid the range of a sweep. Shuffling back can also prevent your attacker from grabbing your legs.

Tip 3: Counter.

It may take years for a person to master reversals and counters. Most of them are useful for punches and kicks thrown your way because you have to move the given force back to the attacker. Submission holds or neutralizing locks can reverse the attacks from an opponent. The amount of force given by the attacker will make it difficult for him to make another attack. Some counters are:

Straight Punch Counter

Step 1: Grab the wrist of the attacker before the punch hits you. A straight punch involves a very strong force and will make you two fall into the ground while you keep tight hold of the arm. If you don’t end up falling into the ground, you can pull the opponent to the ground with the force or the countered blow.

Step 2: While you have a grip on your opponent’s arm, roll over to your back and circle your legs around the opponent’s trapped arm. Lock your knees just above the opponent’s elbow with your feet snug on his chest to lock the shoulder.

Step 3: Jujigatame is the term used for cross armlock. You can do this by pulling back on the arm and raising your hips to hyperextend the elbow joint.

Middle Side Kick Counter

Step 1: Sidestep the kick and grab the heel. The attacker will either fall over positioned above arms and on one knee. If not, force him into that position.

Step 2: Tuck one shin into the bend of the opponent’s knee then roll over to your back. Keep a hold of the kicking leg.

Step 3: Make a four with your legs and insert the leg you’re holding into the pit of the four.

Step 4: The leg slicer will be completed when you pull down the leg bent over your shin.

When you know how to defend yourself against attacks, you draw that line between life and death and you can effectively take control of any combat situation and take it to your advantage making sure you go to the “life” side. You can also sue the attacker by hiring a personal injury lawyer in Greenville, TX. Just make sure to have an interview with lawyer your considering hiring first. As you can imagine,  personal injury law is a pretty broad subject, and in your particular case it was the result of an attack on your person, which of course constitutes a crime as well. If the personal injury lawyer tell you they have had past experience with cases like yours and assure you they can handle your case, then you should be able to request their assistance just fine.

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