How To Cut Bangs

It can be pretty expensive to visit a beauty salon. Similarly, haircuts and hair treatments can also be expensive. By learning to cut bangs, a pretty amount of money can be saved. In addition, any one can do this work easily at home rather than spending a lot of time away from home.

Things Needed

Only few things are needed to learn the art of cutting bangs. I had recently got by brow bone done and thus also wanted to get bangs to suit my new face-lift. This fairly easy task requires a mirror for looking at the hair from different angles. A comb is also needed especially for cutting the hair. Sharp scissors are also needed which is the primary tool of cutting.

Cut Bangs1 How To Cut Bangs


The first thing which has to be done when learning to cut bangs is to determine the hair length. Comb is to be used for straightening the bangs to check the extent of the hair. The tips of the hair can be grabbed with free hand. Then twist them a couple of times. It is important for preventing one straight cut as this looks bad in adults.

Now, tightly hold the scissors in one hand while the other has to be used for holding the bangs. Cut slowly through the hair. Be careful to do the cutting little by little for preventing excess cut in the process. When the desired length of the hair has been achieved, the hair has to be disposed properly. For this purpose a blow dryer will be good to use for removing loose hairs.

Once again, use the comb to hold the bangs down. Look for stray hairs and they can be slowly cut to give a cleaner look. In case if they are still longer than expected, the same process can be simply repeated until you get the desired length.

Extra information and tips

Before starting the task, the hair should be dried first. This will avoid excessive cutting of hair. Additionally, never cut too much, it is better to cut the hair little by little until a desired length is achieved. One has to be careful because when the hairs have been cut, the loose hairs can never return. It usually takes days and weeks for hair to grow back. Give a little angle to the cut as much as possible because cutting the hair too straight does not look good.

When the bangs appear again, the same process can be done to trim and maintain a good look. Properly trimmed hair gives a better look. Furthermore, using styling agents will really improve the quality of the hair and will give it a better look than usual. These were some of the fairly simple tips to cut bangs and can be conveniently tried at home.

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