How To Cut A Mohawk

One of the most stylish hairstyles in the world is Mohawk. It has passed through time and has existed since a long time. This type of haircut is perfectly suitable for people with unique and strong personalities. It gives a nice look with ordinary fashion sense to people. Those who prefer to look trendy and cool, this one will definitely give a stand out look in the crowd. Nowadays, not only teenagers adopt this fashion but adults and children also.

Things Needed

It is fairly quite simple to learn cutting a Mohawk. The things needed for this task are also not very difficult to find, you will need;

  • Sharp scissors
  • Hair clippers
  • A nice clean towel for draping
  • Comb for styling the hair
  • Some hair clips to separate some hair parts from others

Cut Mohawk How To Cut A Mohawk


  • Good seating of a person is important before starting the hair cut. The individual should be seated in a convenient, relaxing and comfortable position because the hair cutting duration may take at least half an hour. For facilitating the cutting process, the individual has to be seated in a level that makes it easy for the cutter to see the hair. When this is achieved, take a clean towel and place it on the individual’s shoulder as this will prevent loose hair from going into the neck part.
  • Don’t start cutting the hair right away. It should be first determined what parts have to be cut and what has to be left behind. The person should be asked about the preferred length of the Mohawk cut which he desires. When this part has been decided, hair clips should be used to separate the hair and remove from the parts to be left behind. This is primarily a clean cut on the sides while the middle part of the head has long hair.
  • Hair clippers can be used to cut the hair on the side. The desired cut for the sides can usually differ so it is important to ask about the desired length. Once the desired length is known, start slowly cutting through the hair but don’t rush in this step. Hair experts say that the average hair length for the side of a Mohawk cut is about 3/8-inch to ½-inch. The hair clippers have to be run twice on each part and scissors can be used to cut the stray hair.
  • When the both sides have been cut, the hair clip from the hair at the center can be removed. The preferred length of the Mohawk can now be determined. Comb can be used to put the hair is steady position and then the excess length can be cut. It is important for the length to be even from the front towards the back of the head. A styling gel or other hair preparations can be used to give style to the cut. Finally, when the task has been completed, the towel can be removed from the shoulders and the loose hair can be dusted off.

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