How to Critique a Website

Website is one of the greatest sources of information for many of us. It is highly valuable for various educational institutional as well as business organizations. It is very important to critique a website with great effective standards, so that it can serve various communities. No doubt, it sounds too harsh, but giving a critique or getting one on the website is truly a priceless experience.

How to Critique a Website How to Critique a Website

There is a great amount of effort going into generating a web presence. Therefore, it is very essential to look out for some ways to ensure that the work you put in is not going waste. By keeping some basic things in mind, you can make a website successful or guarantee a continued success of a website that is already successful.

Basic Steps You Need To Follow To Critique A Website

Launch the website you want to critique and note down the time required for the page to load. It should not take too long, even if you have a slow Internet connection. If the webpage takes too long to open up, this means that the web designer has to rework on repairing the big media files that may be responsible for slowing down the loading process of the website.

Check whether the webpage content is causing any strain to the eyes. For instance, some web designers use black background for a white text. This looks quite attractive, but surely has a great amount of stress on the eyes of the one viewing the webpage. It is important that the content of the page is easily readable, not allowing the reader to move away from the site.

You also need to lookout for any broken link, if any. Make sure that the image files are not broken. However, if you come across a broken image, you may see a question mark in the place, where the graphic occurs. Check all the links and see to it that they all are leading to a valid page. If you see some kind of an error, that means there is definitely a broken link, be sure to have a great web design for your website.

The purpose of the website needs to be clear. Check if you can make out the actual objective of the website. For instance, if a website about a sportsman is having a content that describes something completely different, this may send a mixed message to the viewers.

Ensure that the webpage is not having any kind of a formatting issue. A perfect webpage needs to have an obvious boundary surrounding the text. There are some websites that work fine only on some selected web browsers. This causes a great amount of inconvenience to the viewer. It is therefore important that the pages are easily accessible.

Check if you are easily able to get the information you are searching. For instance, a site related to a product should clearly specify the features of that product, its benefits and the way you can purchase the product. In short, you should be able to get the desired information with a few numbers of clicks.


It is possible that you will unintentionally overlook a slightest formatting issue in the webpage. Therefore, you need to spend some time staring at every corner of the webpage, making sure that there is not even a minute formatting issue.


Do not forget to click on any link present on the webpage. You may come across a broken link.

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