How to Create a Rock Garden

Rock gardens are unique and enhance the beauty of homes when prepared and cared for correctly. They can make unremarkable flowers and plants look more interesting. Here are simple tips on how to create a rock garden:

Where will be the site of your rock garden?

You can situate your rock garden in a small or wide space. The ideal location is that facing southeast so the plants can have a good amount of sunlight without drying them. It could be on a level surface of the lawn or on a natural slant at any area of the home. Once you have decided the part of the garden which you will turn into a rock garden, make a section by using stick posts or a string. However, if there is an obstacle tree that blocks your chosen location in your garden, you may want to consider using the best wooden felling axes to trim or to cut down that tree. Find out the uses of racing axes here.

Rock Garden How to Create a Rock Garden

What should be the soil for your rock garden?

Dig at least a foot of soil and get rid of weeds and their roots. Make an artificial bed by digging down to 3 feet and fill in the foundation with brick or concrete from a wholesale concrete supply. The higher the wall of your rockbed, the safer it is from pets to reach the flowers on it.

How will the drainage be designed?

The drainage layer absorbs the excess moisture from upper layers. This layer can consist of old pieces of concrete, bricks, broken pieces of clay pots, and irregular rocks. The materials must be evenly distributed and fill about a third of the dig-up.

What is the soil layer?

The soil layer is the soil where the plants in the rock garden will survive. The soil must be healthy and has the optimum amount of drainage.

What is the sand layer?

The sand layer holds up the topsoil and acts as a quick way for moisture to permeate from the top. 7 to 9 inches of coarse sand should be on top of the drainage and the soil layer.

How are rocks used?

Choosing the rocks will add that certain look to your garden. You can consider shape, size, and color for a good combination. You can also use rocks that are available around your home. They can also be purchased in home improvement stores or landscaping businesses. Make sure you get help in transporting them.

How flowers are best planted:

Let the soil settle for about a week. Sprinkle flower seeds on your rock garden bed. Ask your gardening shop the flowers that you prefer in color and size that will be able to grow on rock gardens. And after a few weeks, you will have a good looking rock garden in your home.

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