How to Cook Raw Shrimp

Cooking raw shrimp is not very hard to do. But first thing’s first, you need to know your shrimp. Most of the shrimp sold as “fresh” are actually frozen. So unless you are from a fishing area, you’re not getting it any fresher than frozen. Also remember that when it’s thawed, frozen again then re-thawed, it’s going to spoil, not just the texture, but the taste of your shrimp. And when its raw flesh has lost its transparency, it’s either a day old or has gone through refreezing. Just remember this one rule; if it smells fishy, it’s no good.

how to cook raw shrimp How to Cook Raw Shrimp

Personally, I love grilling raw shrimp because of the tastefulness and juiciness that it gives to the shrimp. I love how grilling enhances the shrimp’s natural taste. Enough with that because it’s making my mouth water…off to cooking we go.

You have to remember to not get rid of the shrimp’s shell because it’s going to keep all those succulent natural juices from your shrimp and the flavour from the marinade in your shrimp.

First, slice your shrimp’s shell, just a little bit, to let your marinade seep through your shrimp. Marinate the shrimps with your favourite barbecue marinade or sauce. Old Bay really works magic with seafood so I would suggest you use it. Give your shrimps a dash or two then add melted butter. Before you put your marinated shrimp to your grill, drench it first with butter. So make sure your grill is set at medium high heat because it’s going to stick if your grill is not hot enough. You will know that your shrimp is cooked when its flesh has lost its transparency and is rather pink in color. Cooking time is 4 minutes to 7 minutes max. It really doesn’t take long to cook shrimp.

That’s about it! That’s very basic but rather tasteful way of cooking shrimp. It is really great for family cookouts or if you’re having friends over. If you happen to buy shrimp that seem smaller and seem to slip through the grill, skewering it is a good option.

Now I bet you can’t wait to try these simple steps of cooking raw shrimp. Trust me; you are bound for one tasty meal. And once you’ve mastered my simple steps, play a little bit with it. You can add more seasonings if you want to or even make your very own marinade.

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