How to Cook Long Grain Rice

Rice is one of the oldest food staple that has been used by man. In today’s era, rice is eaten all over the world. It has been embraced by other countries who do not usually consider rice as a daily food source. Although a lot of people love to eat rice, cooking it the right way is another thing. Here I will show you tips and some techniques and teach you the right way of cooking long grain rice.

how to cook long grain rice How to Cook Long Grain Rice

Rinsing is not really necessary since most long grain rice that is sold in grocery stores is already clean. And besides rinsing the rice before you cook it will wash off the starch and we’ll lose the stickiness that we like to have. Another option is to soak, but then again it really isn’t necessary. But if you really want to soak it, be sure to drain it really well because if you don’t, the water you’ve used would be more than you intend to use.

The pot you should be using should have space enough for the steam. Take notice of the gap between your pot’s lid and your rice. Make sure it has enough space to entrap the steam. The lid should fit the mouth of your pot really tight. Another thing you should know about rice is that brown ones cook longer than the white ones. And also, newer rice absorbs less water than old ones.

I know of two method of cooking long grain rice. One is putting the rice in your pot with a lot of water and pour out excess once it’s cooked. Another method is too cook it where the water is in exact amount or measurement. So when the rice is done, the water should all be absorbed by the rice and the steam that was kept inside the pot will do the rest of the cooking.

In general, 2 cups water for every cup of rice is a rule. You can do a little experimenting with the measurement though. It depends on what kind of rice you are cooking and how you like your it. Just remember if you want it harder and separate you need less water but if you want it stickier and softer, you’ll need more. The key is not to get afraid of a little experimenting with the methods in cooking your long grain rice.

Adding a little bit of salt for flavor is ok. You can even add seasoning if you like. Rice should be simmered for about 12 to 15 minutes on minimum flame. Let it rest after cooking for 5 to 20 minutes. Never forget this part because this is a key part of getting that perfectly cooked rice that we are aiming for.

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