How to Cook Boneless Top Sirloin Steak

Learning to perfectly cook this type of steak is very easy actually. Simply following an appropriate method of cooking and right combination of marinade, is sure to get a tender and juicy steak that everyone loves. Usually known by its other name, London broil, it is quite huge enough to feed a whole big family. However, the downside thing is that, when the meat is not properly done it can possibly end up with extremely hard and dissatisfying result. Luckily, learning the right method produces a flavorful, juicy steak.

how to cook boneless top sirloin steak How to Cook Boneless Top Sirloin Steak

How to Cook Boneless Top Sirloin Steak

  1. Marinate the meat of your marinade preferences within 24 hours to boost flavor. Keep refrigerated. You may use any of the many available beef-marinade-recipes or you may buy a prepared bottled marinade. Or you may try this marinade combination:
    • For your liquid bases – red wine combined with beef stock. Call a wine delivery service to order a couple of bottles you’ll use for the marinade and to pair with the steak later during dinner. 
    • To marinate the beef in an acid for a longer period of time, you may cook partially the meat to give it a soggy texture. Suppose you want to add acid to your marinade, deem adding an amount of lime juice to your beef stock in order your marinade is considerably low in acid.
    • Consider adding a salt – a salt present in the marinade will allow the flavor to be entirely soaking into the meat.
    • Add herbs of your choice and spices – could include such as (onion, garlic, shallot, rosemary, thyme, tarragon).
  2. Remove the marinated meat from your marinade and pat them dry. A delicious juicy steak must be crisp outside and likely moist inside. Searing promotes a well crisp from the outside while completely sealing its juices inside. In preparing your meat to be properly seared, meat must be completely dry after it is removed from your marinade.
  3. Season your meat. You may add meat spice seasonings, dry herbs or other spices to both of each sides of your meat. You may add a small amount of your freshly smashed black-pepper. But don’t add garlic since garlic can burn quickly hence leading to a bitter taste of your steak. Consider adding more herbs instead, such as rosemary and thyme. Don’t add salt anymore since it has been included in your marinade.
  4. Cooking your steak. The best approach to perfectly cook this kind of steak – is on the grill. Sear it on high heat. Grill it on moderate-temperature.

Preparing Your Gas Grill

  • Turn on all your burners to high-heat. Preheat in 15 minutes with lid of your grill closed.
  • Turn down one of your burner to medium-heat.
  • Put the steak on your preheated burner. Start to grill for 2-3 minutes or until it turns brown. Note: Do not try to move your meat while searing to achieve a well development in your meat’s crust.
  • Turn your steak and continue to grill on the other second side in 2-3 minutes.
  • Move the steak on the cooler part of your grill. Put down the lid then continue grilling based on the cooking guidelines as shown below.

Preparing Your Charcoal Grill

  • Start up a fire (two-leveled-fire) where your grill is nearer to your charcoal on the half side, farther on the other half side. Load up much charcoal.
  • Once charcoal is all set, grill your steak in 2-3 minutes over your hot side of the grill, for each side or until your steak turns perfectly brown.
  • Then move your steak on the cooler portion of your grill. Continue to grill based on the cooking guidelines as shown below.

Important Cooking Guidelines of Steak

  • Rare meat – 5-6 minutes cooking time, must be 120 degrees F, most tender.
  • Medium rare meat – 6-7 minutes cooking time, must be 125 degrees F, tender.
  • Medium meat – 7-8 minutes cooking time, must be 130 degrees F, least tender.
  • Let your steak rest in approximately 5 minutes before slicing, for the juices to settle inside your meat.
  • Cut your steak, on the bias, so thinly.
  • Serve the steak if desired with a salad and enjoy a delicious and healthy meal.
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