How to Control Heartburn

Numerous people across the world come across a time when they have heartburn, wherein there is the rise of stomach acids to the level of the esophagus, which results in a burning sensation. There are people who misinterpret heartburn to be a heart attack caused due to iliac vein compression, as the area of the pain is the same, the chest. However, it is necessary for you to understand the fundamental reason for the occurrence of heartburn. It is a result of improper way of living, which includes improper eating habits and lifestyle. However, there are numerous ways to manage heartburn, let’s see this.

How to Control Heartburn How to Control Heartburn

You just need to make some minor adjustments in your lifestyle, diet and eating habits in order to prevent the incidence of heartburn. Your prime focus area needs to be food habits, as this plays a vital role for the heartburn. Consumption of chilly, salsa and peppers may drastically increase the rate of acids in the body, which can accelerate the process of heartburn.

There is no need to search and wile your time on the Internet on how to manage heartburn, as you can follow the tips given below.

Optimize the Intake of Food: Heartburn can be at its worst state if there is excess of food. Therefore, it is essential that you restrain yourself from overeating and consuming food in a small amount. The most appropriate method of tackling heartburn is by eat three meals a day. If you feel the need, then you can opt for small snacks during the day. However, dinners need to be short and simple, as you are inactive at that time.

Drink Water in Abundance: Water plays a vital role when it comes to regulation of stomach acids. If you drink water at regular intervals, then indirectly you are hydrating your body. Most of the health experts recommend drinking at least eight to ten glass of water on a daily basis. You need to restrain yourself from consuming fluids such as juices, coffee and milk along with the meal, as they can increase the acid level of the body.

Make Some Amendments in your Life: Smoking contributes to the problem of heartburn. So if, you smoke regularly then you need to drop the habit. Initially, you may have some problems, but if you are adamant, then quitting the habit may not be a difficult task. You need to go for walks after the meals, as this helps in digestion. Stress also contributes to heartburn, so you need to avoid taking stress or meditate during morning hours in order to free your mind of negative thoughts.

Certain Practical Tips: though, lifestyle changes are beneficial but there are certain things you can incorporate in your life for effectively dealing with heartburn. Try sleeping at an inclined angle. This may sound odd, but try sleeping with two to three pillows under your head such that your torso lies entirely on the bed with your head high. Give tight clothes a miss, as they do no good to your health. Avoid wearing tight jeans or a tight shirt.

Tips: Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking, as they contribute to the heartburn.

Warning: Do not go over-the-top while tackling the menace of heartburn, as you may end up making your life a mess.

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