How to Control a Soccer Ball

Soccer is the most famous sport in the world. It is also the most watched and cheered all over the world. If you are among the many fans who adore this game, here are a few tricks that you can use in trying to balance the soccer ball on your foot, getting the best indoor soccer shoes can help.

When watching the Qatar World Cup qualifiers, you may have noticed that when a ball is approaching a soccer player they react by kicking it as far away as possible. Well this is so especially when they are under attack by an opponent.  What is interesting is that after they have kicked it as far away as possible they run after it knowing which direction it is headed. Some may think that this is magic but the trick is simply that they have gained complete ball control and the ball responds to the direction that they want.

Balance Soccer Ball1 How to Control a Soccer Ball

Agility and ball control are some important things that you must learn to play a soccer game. One of the famous soccer players of all time Pelé from Brazil once said that for you to learn how to control the ball you have to treat it like a human being, that is with respect and understanding.

For you to play the game well and get better at it, you need to gain control of the ball. The more ball control you have the better you will be at the game.  This article should help you to balance a soccer ball on your foot. It is an impressive trick, which you will love to show off to your friends.

What you need

  • Soccer ball.
  • Shin guards.
  • Cleats.


  • Place the ball on the base of your foot. Choose the foot that you are dominant with to start. In most people, this is the right foot. Once you have mastered control of the ball on your dominant foot switch to the other foot.
  • To start, roll the ball on to the base of your foot, once the ball touches your foot, pull your foot backwards making the ball to spin. Return your foot quickly under the ball so it does not fall to the ground.
  • You will need to arch your ankle to create a cradle between your shin and the base of you foot.
  • Taking swift movements raise your foot from the ground and balance the soccer ball on the cradle.
  • Extend your foot once more such that it is parallel to the ground.
  • Gain a balance of the ball on to your foot and try to maintain it there as long as possible.

The more you practicing the above procedure the more skilled you will get to become. You can try other tricks once you have mastered this effectively. You can also buy Chelsea tickets and watch how the professionals play.

Remember that for you to control the ball, you will need to have a profound relationship with the ball. Not literally, of course but, but you should handle the ball with gentleness and sensitivity and for sure, it will do as you wish.

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