How to Clean Your House Like A Pro – With Only One Tool

You don’t need to trek all over your house toting around a toolbox of cleaning supplies to get your house looking like new. You can accomplish all your cleaning goals by hiring the pros at Eco Clean Solutions.

A lot of household cleaning products claim to be the answer to your prayers, and when Mr.Clean says this eraser is magic, he means it. At Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Alpharetta, this product is often used to clean stains and you can get the Magic Eraser at most grocery stores, and they come in different sizes depending on your needs. You can also get online to search locations where you can buy the Magic Eraser. To find an Internet service that can help you search, click here!

Take a look at some of the uses you can get out of the Magic Eraser.

magic erasers clean stains How to Clean Your House Like A Pro – With Only One Tool


  • Get rid of those unpleasant food stains inside plastic Tupperware containers.
  • Remove dirt or even fingerprints on cabinets.
  • Finally get rid of those cooked-on stains in your pots and pans.
  • Clean the inside of your crockpot.
  • Remove sticky residue from countertops.
  • Clean any buildup on your toaster.


  • Use on bathroom mirrors to keep them from fogging.
  • Remove grime and buildup on faucets and bathroom fixtures.
  • Use hairspray? Use the Magic Eraser to remove hairspray residue on countertops.
  • Clean tile (and grout) and place tile grout sealer.
  • Eliminate soap scum.
  • Remove those stains from the underside of the toilet seat.


  • Have algae growing on your sidewalk? Birdbath? Steps? Use the Magic Eraser to get rid of it all.
  • Get rid of mildew on your gutters. In some houses this can be a bit more challenging and maybe even risky. If so, you can find pros to take care of this for you using this site. You might also want to consider having a new rain gutter installation if you notice that your gutters are already worn out.
  • Brighten up the siding of your house that has been plagued by grime buildup and call siding installation services now! Call a siding company for a total replacement if necessary.
  • Help to remove paint scratches on your (from a minor accident, etc.).

Just for fun

  • Remove nail polish spills/stains.
  • Clean your tennis shoes – everything from grass stains to dirt.
  • Baseboards getting roughed up? Get rid of marks from the vacuum or from shoes with a  few quick swipes.
  • Remove the residue left by stickers.
  • Clean the Nu-Lite Glass Balustrades.
  • Use on door hinges that are stained by paint.
  • Have a plastic cooler that has seen better days? Get the inside of your cooler looking like new with the Magic Eraser.
  • Clean your blinds and window screens.

What makes the Magic Eraser even more magical is that it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals and if you need to clean all your house the use of services like cleaners dublin is the perfect choice for this. All you have to do is run the eraser under water – then its magic is activated, call this company . Then simply swipe the Magic Eraser over surfaces, fixtures, baseboards, floors and anything else that needs to be spruced up.

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