How To Clean Ink from Clothes

Ink stain can surely ruin costly clothes. Besides this awful experience, it is very hard to remove this kind of stain. To successfully remove such unsightly impurity, it usually takes special knowledge and skill. Those interested in learning to clean ink from clothes can really save their favorite from getting trashed. Furthermore, a good amount of money can be saved instead of spending on new clothes. While there a tips and remedies to stains, some stains need intense washing at the laundromat.

Things Needed

Certain materials are needed for this particular kind of job before learning to get ink out of clothes. When buying your materials needed, you need to shop consciously and make sure that you’ll be getting the job done with the product you’re investing in. One is them is the laundry stain remover and a good laundry detergent of a trusted brand that is effective against stubborn stains and dirt. Similarly, a sponge as well as some paper towels is needed, they each have a role to play in removing such ugly and stubborn stains from the clothes. A hairspray will also be needed because its good content of alcohol can significantly lessen the amount of ink stains present on the clothes. If hairspray is not available, then denatured alcohol is also good and proven effective to remove ink stains from almost any type of clothes. Use a laundry soap dispenser for faster cleansing of smudged clothes.

Clean Ink How To Clean Ink from Clothes


First, dip the sponge in the water. Use it on the stained area. Give it some time to absorb any possible ink that will come off from the clothing.  Give it time to dry when the ink stops to come off. Use a hairspray and put some right on top of the stain. Use some paper towels, some have to be placed under the stain. Additionally, some paper towels can also be used on to of the affected area.

After some time, use another paper towel and apply some pressure on top of the stain. Give it some time for the stain to entirely soak out. When doing this important step, the paper towel should not be rubbed on the stain as the color will just spread out to the cleaner parts. Instead of this, slowly dab the material right on the stain while applying a lot of pressure.

Now use a laundry stain remover, a small amount has to be applied on the affected area especially where the stain is marked. That particular affected area can be washed and let it dry on a wall mounted drying rack. After some time, it can now be observed how the cloth looks now which was once stained.

Additional Tips and Information

Besides the hairspray, other materials are also available that can be used for removing ink from clothes. Denatured alcohol is one of them. Cotton swabs can be simply used for dabbing the material right on the stain. It will not be good to wipe because it will only spread out the ink to other cleaner parts. This is the reason, the application of denatured alcohol has to be limited into small dabs. After the stain from your clothes are removed, it would also be a good investment to purchase Fabric Guard for your clothes.

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