How To Clean DVDs

It is essential to learn cleaning DVD discs and players. Even if they are of high quality, they will not last for long if they are not properly maintained.

Removing dirt from a DVD player

A disc cleaner is the easiest way to clean. Two types are available, the liquid form and the disc type. The disc type is the easier to use as it just looks a typical CD. It has to be just inserted into the player and it will automatically start. If it doesn’t, then press play. The instructions on the screen have to be followed or the manual can be consulted.

If you opt to use a liquid type, then cotton swabs will be needed. Apply some liquid to the cotton. Add a little quantity of alcohol if mentioned in the instructions. Open the player and wipe a little bit on the lens. The one with the bluish shade is the lens. It can be tested and repeated if necessary. This is the simple way to learn to clean DVD players.

Clean DVDs1 How To Clean DVDs

Removing Dirt from DVD discs

The technique to clean a DVD disc is to wipe it from inner to outer part in a direction of a straight line motion. Circular motion will not be good because it just moves the dirt around. When moving in a straight line motion, the dirt will be removed from the inner parts.

Several materials can be used for cleaning purposes. Microfiber cloths are the most popular ones. The specialty of the fabric cloth is that it easily absorbs dust and it does not leave any dust particles that can affect the disc.

Isopropyl alcohol can also be used. It has to be mixed with water and wiped on the area with cloth. Mixing the alcohol and water is the part of knowing about the cleaning of DVD discs. The ratio of the mixture should be 1 to 1. For drying, set the disc upright for few minutes.

A window can also be used for this purpose. A soft cotton cloth can be used with the cleaner. The method is to wipe from inside to outside in a straight line motion. It has to be left for a couple of minutes to dry.

Tips and Caution

For keeping the player in good condition, it has to be cleaned after every few months or so. It should be cleaned even if the signal is positive. This will be helpful in maintaining the picture for a longer period of time. Using the cleaner too much should be avoided because this can damage the lens. The user guide can be consulted for instructions.

Besides knowing to clean DVD discs, others things also have to be known. They have to be regularly cleaned. Worn out clothes should be avoided because they may leave fabrics. If the disc has a scratch, apply toothpaste. This will quickly remove scratches. Little water can be added to the toothpaste and then applied on the disc.

Instead, kits can be purchased to avoid hassle. Nowadays, several are available. The manufacturer of the player and disc has to be checked for details. The methods discussed are suitable with many models. Still the manufacturer’s website can be consulted for getting more details.

It is important to know how to clean DVD discs and players. One should spare more time to study these methods if that collection is really valued.

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