How to Clean Dryer Vents

If you have a dryer vent then you are going to know that you should be continually cleaning them to make sure that you prevent the possible result of a fire breaking out.  With dryer vents they can be a little bit risky at times, because if they are not cleaned properly then you could be helping the cause of a fire starting.  You might think that you cannot be bothered to clean out the vents but it is something which could actually save your home and family in the long run.

To clean out the dryer vents it is a simple process and one which is not going to be taking a long time for you to do so don’t think that a few minutes each week is going to be a daunting process because it could save you at the end of the day.

If you want to stop a dryer fire from happening then you should try to follow a few of these steps so that you can clean your dryer vents and keep you safe.

Clean Dryer Vents How to Clean Dryer Vents

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Screwdriver
  • Vent clamp
  • Wire hanger
  • Vent cover

    Step 1 – Prepare Your Dryer for the Cleaning

    The first step is the easiest step to do; locate your fuse box and remove the circuits from the fuse box this will help prevent you getting any nasty shocks.

    Step 2 – Remove Your Vent

    You will need a screwdriver to help remove the dryer vent clamps; remaining these clamps will mean that you can remove the hose that is in the dryer.  The hose for the dryer vent will be located at the back of your dryer but it is quite easy to find.

    In the vent hose there will be a lot of lint, this is the most common problem that you will find with dryer vents; you will get more lint than anything else.  It is very important that you remove the lint from the vent and hose because it could mean that you get a lot of problems when it comes to working the vent.

    Step 3 – Clean Your Vent Tube

    You will have to locate your vent tube from outside your home, and once you do you will have to clean out the tube and the vent itself.  There will be a lot of lint that has been building up in your vent tubing however so you are going to have to take a lot of time to try to remove all of the lint from the vent; if you cannot get everything out then you could use an old coat and wire hanger and pry out any remaining lint in the tubing.

    You will then put the vent tube back into its place.

    Step 4 – Apply Your Finishing Touches

    Now that your vent tube has been cleaned then you can just put everything back into its original place again; you need to put the tube back into its place and put the vent cover back into place once more.

    You are going to have to run a test on the vent; this is too make sure that your vent is working properly and it is just good to do this to get any remaining dirt from the vent.  It is always wise to get the quality of your vent checked out even if it is a few times a year’s you need to know that the dryer vents are still in perfect working order.  It is also wise to keep checking the vent yourself and cleaning it out every week or at the end of every month; it could be wise to do so every week because these are dangerous somewhat so checking up on them regularly could be a wise decision.

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