How to Clean a Window Extractor Fan

When you have a window extractor fan then they could be a useful tool for your kitchen or your bathroom; getting a window extractor fan is something which is not just useful but can’t be quite simple to install also.  You don’t need to drill a hole in your wall but rather will be to mount it through your window These fans will be trying to take out all of the air from your house and back outside but doing this can mean that they can become more prone to get build up on the inside; they will begin to get a lot of things from your home sucked up through the vent, it will be the dust and dirt meaning the fan gets a lot of build up in the fan which needs to be cleaned asap.

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Window Extractor Fan How to Clean a Window Extractor Fan

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Vacuum
  • Duster
  • Soapy Water
  • Polish
  • Sponge
  • Scourer

Step 1 – Safety First

It is never needed to be said but just for a recap you should always have your electricity power sources turned off.  This should be turned off before you think about working on your fan because you don’t want to injure yourself by getting electrocuted.

Step 2 – Cleaning the Casing

To clean the casing of the fan you should get a mixture of hot water along with some washing up liquid into a bowl and get a scourer and sponge so that you can clean off the dirt from the fan easily.  You should try to be as soft as you can so that you don’t damage the fan itself. So using your sponge first should be what you use but if you find there are just some little spills that wont remove themselves then try your scourer but not too hard otherwise you might damage the fan.  A little hard work is needed for the cleaning part, especially if it is stubborn and won’t move.  You should be able to get the dirt from the fan though, it might take a while but the strains will be washed away sooner or later.

Step 3 – Polish

Get some polish and a duster to help make the surface of the fan look a little bit better; it won’t take long however if you use a strong cleaner.  You can just put some polish on a duster and start to clean; you can buff it up as much or as little as you would like.

Step 4 – Vacuum

You should get a vacuum cleaner to finish off the inside of the vent because there can be a lot of dust that you and your duster can’t get to but with a vacuum cleaner then they could get the rest from the vent.  Use the slimiest part of your vacuum so that you can get right into the vent.

Step 5 – Outside

You could use your vacuum to clean both in and out of the vent; it would be best to firstly use hot soapy water for the outside of the vent, cleaning on the outside is easy to do more so than what it is to clean inside of the vent.  You could just wipe the dirt away.

Step 6 – Replacement

If you think that the window extractor fan is still not working as you think it should be then you should think about getting a replacement.  Getting a new fan could be the only way to go but if you are then try to get the same model of the fan that you already have so you won’t have to do any extra work.

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