How to Clean a Kitchen Extractor Fan

Many of us have a kitchen extractor fan; this helps to prevent fumes, smells and grease from building up in your kitchen and take it back outside.  This can help but the truth is that the fan might get clogged up easily so you are going to need to get this cleaned regularly so that your fan is going to work.  You can clean your kitchen extractor fan in a number of ways prolonging its life, while you’re at it, consider getting a kitchen fire suppression system installation to make sure you are always safe in case of any accidents. Find out 5 reasons to choose Sinisi Solutions when shopping for fire barriers for your property.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Soapy Water
  • Sponge
  • Polish
  • Dusters
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Screwdriver

Kitchen Extractor Fan How to Clean a Kitchen Extractor Fan


Before you think about cleaning your extractor fan then you need to think about the safety of you; you are going to need to switch the power off from the main fuse box.  You don’t want to have an accident and get electrocuted; taking out the power means that you won’t get electrocuted. When I chose to begin with my kitchen remodeling I pick a the best company, they serve all of Sacramento, CA and I can tell you They were the best decision for us.

Step 1 – Unscrew the Vent

After you have switched all of the power off then you will start by unscrewing your vent from the inside of your home and outside also; now the vent will usually only be attached with screws so unscrewing these are easy and quick to do.  After this you will remove the vents from both inside and out.

Step 2 – Unclip the Fan

Your fan is going to be attached to the internal part of the extractor fan so it could be that your vent is being attached by clippings so you will need to unclip the fan and remove the fan.  Sometimes the whole of the fan shouldn’t be removed because you have to be very careful when it comes to cleaning the actual fan – this will be the water you use. When washing it with the soapy water, consider also using the Toledo OH Power Washing tools to remove any dirt still stuck in it.

Step 3 – Wash the Housing

You should wash the housing of the fan with hot and soapy water; you should remember that it is not a wise choice when it comes to trying to wash the fan by putting the electrical parts right into water because it could damage the fan beyond repair so using a cloth to clean the fan is the best idea.

Step 4 – Clean the Fan

Your blades of the fan can be a little dirty so that is when you get a duster and a can of polish and clean the fan but be careful when you are cleaning it.  You don’t want to get any water in the fan or any part of the fan including the motor; you really do need to avoid using a lot of water when cleaning the fan.

 How to Clean a Kitchen Extractor Fan

Step 5 – Clean the Duct

The truth is with your duct then a lot of things can accumulate inside of it; you should use a vacuum to finish cleaning the inside of the duct, using this will help clean out much of the dust. If you do not have time to do this on your own, see here this service which offers excellent Air Duct Cleaning In Alpharetta.

Step 6 – Reassemble

Now that you have finished cleaning the fan then you should start putting the parts back into the extractor fan.  It should be reconstructed as to how it was when you opened it up so remember what you did to put it back together.  The last thing to do will be to test drives it to make sure that it is working.

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