How To Clean A Carburetor

Automobiles give a good performance and run smooth when their carburetors are clean. This is a very important component of the car which has to be kept in good shape through regular maintenance. These things are built en masse at factories, using complex machines built to spec by industrial steam boiler manufacturers and other companies in the industrial sector. Even so, with the help of precision machining, these are fine-tuned components specifically designed for a particular engine configuration, in order to optimize the vehicles performance. You shouldn’t let that scare you into thinking its maintenance will be as complex as building one, however.

When one knows how to clean a carburetor, the engines can be kept in proper working condition without spending money on professional services. This skill is helpful and gives a guarantee that the air and fuel of the engine is well regulated. But if you do plan on spending money, go for qualified car cleaners that can do the work for you at an affordable price.

Things Needed

Those people who are interested in learning to clean a carburetor, the things needed are Allen wrench, compressed air and rubber gloves which are an important safety feature. Furthermore, a good cleaning product from Duel Autocare is needed if you want better results.

Clean Carburetor How To Clean A Carburetor


First, the hood of the car has to be opened and the carburetor has to be located. Then it has to be disconnected from the throttle, vacuum line and gas line. Similarly, the cold choke tube as well as PCV hose has to be taken out. Afterward, use the Allen wrench to unscrew the bolts that are connected to it. When the unscrewing part has been completed, the engine has to be taken out.

Now the cleaning solvent has to be used for washing, cleaning and removing the traces of grease, grime and dirt. The plastic parts have to be taken off. Now the carburetor has to be dipped on the solvent and it should be left overnight. Then, the item can be removed from the solvent on the next day. A cloth or rag can be used to wipe and dry the item. The cleaning solvents can be very dangerous so before touching them, gloves have to be worn.

The internal parts of the item must also be dry. Compressed air has to be blown through the internal parts using an air cannon. Only a small volume and part of it has to be used in order to not destroy the thing with excessive pressure. After following these simple and quick steps, the item is guaranteed to get cleaned. Now it can be put back together with the rest of the engine. The screws can be tightened once again. Allen wrench can be used to bolt them back.

The five lines can be now reinstalled connecting the carburetor to the engine of the automobile. The vacuum line, gas line and throttle should once again be connected. Similarly, the cold choke tube and the PCV hose can now be connected. The engine is certified to run more smoothly and efficiently than before after going through these simple procedures.

Additional Information and Tips

Returning the removed parts to the very same way as before is important. For doing this properly, each connection can be labeled before disconnecting including vacuum line, gas line and throttle. Same process can be done for cold choke tube and PCV hose. Furthermore, it should be ensured that no part of the carburetor falls off from the engine. One more important point to remember is that industrial solvents and equipment should be handled with care so make sure you take that into consideration when buying parts. These solvents pose hazardous risks to the users and extreme caution has to be taken when handling them

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