How to Clean a Camera Lens

In order to take spotless and high quality pictures, the camera lenses have to be cleaned regularly. Just as taking good pictures is an art, so is cleaning the lens and the filters. If you do the cleaning incorrectly, it will definitely compromise on the quality of pictures. Cleaning the lens is one of the most important maintenance practices. Although, you can always hire a Wedding Photographer to make the process faster and end with a beautiful and professional result.

Before doing the cleaning, you should understand whether your lenses are the SLR (singe lens reflex) or point-and-shoot type.  Make sure you contact a Lifestyle Photography company for a professional help from an experienced photographer.

What you need

  • Camera lens.
  • Cleaning fluid should be made from purified water or alcohol. If this is not available, plain water or alcohol will do.
  • Cleaning cloths should be special cloths like those used to clean eyeglasses, get it here. Ordinary towels or cloths scratch the lens and leave fluffs on the surfaces.
  • Soft brush.
  • Clean sheet.

Clean Camera Lens How to Clean a Camera Lens

Cleaning SLR lenses

These lenses are the most preferable for outdoor photographing therefore tend to be very dirty. However they are easier to clean than the other types of lenses. However, you can also contact Amber Niedermaier professional photographer for a beautiful photoshoot for your family.


  1. Search for a clean and dust free place that’s near the window where there is direct sunlight. Spread the clean sheet and place all the items on it.
  2. If the camera lens is still attached to the body, remove them. The parts of the lens that are attached to the body do not need to be cleaned. Make sure that sure that you do not touch this part as fingerprints and cloth fibers nay affect the quality of pictures.
  3. Use the soft brush to remove any dirt or dust gently.
  4. Pour a little amount of the cleaning fluid on the cloth.
  5. Start cleaning the lens from the centre and then move to the outer surface and wipe out the fingerprints. Never use straight strokes as form streak marks that are hard to remove.
  6. Use the dry part of the cloth to wipe there lens.
  7. Inspect your lens under the sun to make sure that they are satisfactorily clean. Place the filter on the lens and make sure that there are no particles that are trapped in between the two.
  8. Mount the lens back into place on the camera body.
  9. Take a test picture to see if there are streak marks on the lens.

Cleaning Point-and-shoot lenses

These types of lenses are built in the camera and usually have a protective automated window and shutter that protects the glass from streaks and scratches. These lenses don’t get dirty often, thus they should not be cleaned regularly.


  1. Turn on the camera so as to open the lens corner.
  2. Pour a few drops of the cleaning fluid on the cleaning cloth.
  3. Clean the lens from inside to the outside. Make sure you reach as much surface as possible especially with the small lenses.
  4. Make sure that the lenses are dry before turning the camera off and engaging the lens cover.
  5. Turn the camera on, then take a test picture to check whether there are streaks marks on the photograph.

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