How to Clean a Bathroom Extractor Fan

When we have some problems in our bathrooms it could be advisable to get an extractor fan, they help to prevent the buildup of moisture in the air of the room and bring more ventilation into a room.  You might not even know you have got one if you don’t call you’re an extractor fan because it might be called an exhaust fan.  These are great to have when you have a bath or shower in a room because it can help stop any mildew or mould forming if this is worked properly.  If you do have one of these then you should remember to keep them clean and tidy so that they are kept in working condition. Visit the website of this professional air duct cleaning company if you have spotted any mold or mildew in your home.

Tools and Materials You Will Need

  • Step Ladder
  • Windex
  • Bucket

Clean Bathroom Extractor Fan How to Clean a Bathroom Extractor Fan

  • Screwdriver
  • Cloths, sponges
  • Anti-Bacterial Spray
  • Soap
  • Warm Water
  • Masking Tape

Step 1: Turn Off the Electricity

You need to find your circuit breaker so that you can turn off the power for the extractor fan; this should be done first so that you keep yourself safe when you are working with the fan.

Step 2: Remove the Cover

A lot of the extractor fans are going to have a cover or casing of some kind which is usually there to help protect the fan parts inside.  Get a ladder if you cannot reach it and start to remove the cover – many have been put into place with screws so you are going to need to remove them; remove the cover and into the bucket of water and put the screws onto masking tape.  Put your screws into the bucket when you have folded up your screws in the masking tape.

Step 3: Locate the Exhaust Fan Blade

You should locate your extractor fan and try to see inside it to your blade; you need to take out the blade completely so if it has been clipped into place then you need to take them off and place them into the bucket attached to masking tape.

Step 4: Clean the Vent Cover

You should get another bucket and get a mixture of soap and some hot water into the bucket and then once you have the mixture then you will need to take your vent cover and place it into the bucket and make sure it is completely soaked.  Take a cloth to make sure you wipe clean the dirt from the vent cover; once you have cleaned your vent cover then you remove it from your water and dry it with a cloth that is not going to be tough on the vent either.

Step 5: Clean the Fan Blades

To clean the fan blades then you should take a cloth and get some window cleaner onto the cloth and then try to clean up the blades of the fan.  You should also try to put some anti-bacterial spray on your blades so that you can prevent the buildup of any bacteria on your blade.  Make sure that you have dried the blades before you reinstall the fans.

Step 6: Re-Install Unit

You are going to need to reinstall your unit back into its rightful place.

Step 7: Turn on Electricity

The last part is easy, you just need to switch your electricity back on by putting your circuit breaker back on and there you have it, you’ve cleaned your bathroom extractor fan simple and quickly. Also, remember to have duct cleaning Melbourne every 3 years.

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