How to Choose Chairs and Tables for Your Family Garden

Visually, chairs and benches may be decorative enough to act as focal points, drawing the eye towards a particularly attractive spot. They should tempt you to rest, contemplate and enjoy the beauty of the garden. It may be that a warm, sheltered spot is ideal or, if you prefer, a refreshingly cool, shady corner. For more attractive outdoor has an array of options for you to check out.


You can check it out here for Solid wooden furniture is very natural, very sturdy and will last a very long time. There are many handsome designs available, both traditional and modern, in a wide variety of grades and finishes of timber.

Hard woods, if left to weather naturally, will gradually develop a beautiful silvery patina. However, should you wish to maintain its original colour, an annual rub down with oil is all dial is needed. Soft woods, preferably pressure-treated with preservative and finished with a preservative slain will last well. Coloured woodstains will not give long-term protection as they do not penetrate the wood deeply enough. If you would like to have more options you can check the custom timber chairs Melbourne

garden tables chairs How to Choose Chairs and Tables for Your Family Garden

A practical choice for families with young children is a wooden picnic table with built-in benches. These work well in informal gardens and are extremely sale, especially if you have young children who are prone to tipping over chairs. There are scaled-down versions available which look are ideal placed outside a playhouse or in a children s garden.


Plastic chairs are unbeatable for comfort, as they are moulded to the shape of the body. They are tough and able to cope with any weather. They need nothing more than the occasional wipe down and they are stackable, thus reducing storage headaches. Yet while they may be practical they are not often very attractive. White soon looks grubby and scuffed, so choose a dark colour, such as green, and dress it up with smart green and while stripy seat cushions and a matching tablecloth to improve its appearance. Most plastic tables can be collapsed for winter and those that cannot be folded up usually come with protective covers. A table with a hole in the middle for a parasol is particularly useful.


Canvas directors’ chairs are extremely smart, very comfortable, and are just the right height for dining and fold up, so are easily stored. However, as material does not cope well with gelling wet and can be hard to clean, it is best to avoid very pale colours. Directors chairs look equally good learned with solid wood, metal or plastic tables.


In recent years wrought and cast iron garden furniture has undergone a tremendous revival and now there are many wonderfully delicate, curly, or dramatic gothic designs on the market. Lightweight alternatives are cast aluminium or wirework furniture, which share the good looks of wrought and cast iron – although both will rust. Metal furniture is very elegant and, dependent on its style, suits formal period and minimalist town gardens alike. It can be left outside all year as a permanent garden feature, and being so ornamental makes a strong, moveable focal point. In generall, however, metal is colder and less comfortable than wood.

Stone, slate and marble

A garden outdoor furniture set made from these materials is grand enough to attract the eye, yet definitely not portable, so consider its position carefully. It is possible to buy a ready-made table, but these are expensive and it may be more fun and much cheaper to put one together from different pieces found in reclamation yards, for example, slips and hearths from old fireplaces. Some quarries and stonemasons also sell direct to the public. Stone weathers beautifully, growing silver or orange lichen in sunny spots and velvety moss in shady ones. A coal of natural yoghurt will help speed up this process. A stone benchtop will be a perfect addition to your garden if your location is in a sunny area.

Rustic seats and tables

Whether roughly hewn from solid logs, or made of twiggy larch poles, rustic seats and tables look home-made and eccentric. It is this qualiity, and the knowledge that they are one-offs which makes them so attractive. Like wrought and cast iron furniture a well-made piece makes an excellent local point in a garden. You can now buy furniture online in Australia, just visit Auspoints to see their collection.


For a 1920s or 30s look, wickerwork, cane and Lloyd Loom furniture is worth seeking out. Very comfortable and lightweight, these pieces are only really suitable for line weather or the conservatory, but look just as good indoors or out so can be stored in the house during winter. It can still be found in very cheaply in junk shops and although it may not be possible to find complete sets, you can achieve a personalized and stylish look by mixing and matching. We also just found this fabulous rug sale in the UK and found an unbelievable deal so have a look there if you want a stunning new rug in the UK.

Cafe chairs

French cafe dining chairs, made of metal and wooden slats, are extremely light and fold flat. They are best kept for dining rather than lounging as they are somewhat small and flimsy – qualities which make them the perfect choice for a balcony or small terrace. For a truly continental feel, look for matching, round, metal tables.

You can also check out some tables like Wicker Tables for your garden at a Dining Table Store, they may have an available one for you.

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