How to Choose an Architect

Your home is an expression of your family’s identity. Adding rooms to your home, then, is more than just a construction project; it’s a personal project. In choosing an architect, you’ll want to find on who is not only technically and artistically skilled, but one with whom you are your family feel comfortable and compatible. You don’t want an architect would will haughtily ignore your ideas and impose his or her own standards. You do want one who will take your ideas seriously, add his or her own knowledge, skill, judgment, and taste, and come up with a custom home design that will make you say, “This is exactly what I wanted.”

Of course, you can’t always tell beforehand how well any given architect will work for you, but if you’re concerned about a good working relationship with an architect, you can direct your attention to that subject as well as technical ones when you’re choosing. If you want us to recommend you one, check the website yo find top qualified architects

Architect or building Designer?

An architect is a professional who is licensed to practice by the state. An architect’s training includes education in design from esthetic, functional, and engineering points of view. To get a license, an architect must pass a rigorous examination.

A building designer isn’t licensed by the state. There is a professional organization, however – the American Institute of Building Designers – that helps set and regulate standards for the profession. Building designers generally don’t have engineering expertise; they focus on the esthetic and functional components of design. So, when preparing finished plans, they normally consult with engineers.

Besides designing your addition for you, either of these professionals can help in the selection of a contractor, and can administer the contract that you and the contractor sign. Essentially, this means that the architect or building designer will monitor construction and help control the quality of the work.

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