How to Choose a Computer Certification

Pondering on how to get to the rank of high salary earners in the Information Technology industry? Ask the computer and IT virtuosas around you and you are sure to find a common answer- Certifications. Whether you already have a degree in Information Technology or have switched to experiment with this field of career, computer certifications can indeed prove to be extremely beneficial and valuable for your career growth. These come in various forms proffering both educational as well as experiential knowledge and can be undertaken at all ages. Thus, you can choose from the various Skill set-based exams to Vendor-based ones, Network-based certifications to Computer Technology Industry Association and Certified Internet Web certification exams. Here is a glimpse into some of the important Computer Certifications. In case you lose an important cable or any part check on kaizentechnology if they have it available.

Security Certifications: If you have chosen the field of network and operations security, Security certifications are what you require to hone your skills. These certifications provide you with the necessary know-how to keep network, applications, operations, cryptography and the likes secured to ensure optimum privacy and security to the users. You can take up various courses under this category of certification in accordance with the area of expertise you choose. For instance, the Certified Information Security Manager or CISM is geared to harness you with the required knowledge for maintaining, designing, managing and assessing secured information in an enterprise or organization. On the other hand, the CISCO Certified Security Professional deals with security of Integrated Network and VPN systems your can read more about at If you’re looking for a great VPN, be sure to read this express VPN review.

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Computer Technology Industry Association Certifications: These are Vendor-Neutral certifications which are center around a vast array of skills. Possessing these certifications opens up a number of job specialty avenues from networking, project and security related work. The CompTIA A+ certification provides the basics in this group centering around the fundamentals of networking, troubleshooting and maintenance of computers. On the other hand, the CompTIA Network is for those who wish to master the architecture and hardware of networking issues. Others in this segment of certifications comprise Server+, Linux+, PDI+, CDIA+, CTT+ and the likes. Visit to know more about the certifications for Computer Science.

CISCO Certifications: CISCO certifications provide detailed knowledge of various networking issues and harness you with skills for taking your IT or CISCO careers to great levels of expertise. The commonest among the CISCO certifications is the CISCO Certified Network Professional which requires passing three exams to qualify. The entry and associate level certifications in the CISCO group comprise CCENT and CCNA. CCIE comprises the certification meant for connoisseurs or experts, while the CCA marks the highest and the toughest of all CISCO certification exams.

Microsoft Certifications: One of the most revered certifications comprises those by Microsoft as the particular technology and software is used widely and ranges from simplest concepts of the software to complicated issues for designing and maintenance of systems. The various categories in this segment embrace Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Certified IT Professional, Microsoft Certified Architect, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Microsoft Certified IT Professional and many more. Take a look at this IGCSE tuition centre in KL and PJ to get educated at home.

Open-Source Operating Systems Certifications: If you are on the lookout for gaining knowledge in one of the most coveted fields in the computer technology cosmos, that of Open Source Operating Systems, you can take up courses and exams pertaining to Novell, Linux and Unix. Whether you are a hard-core programmer or web designer, you can choose your specific field of expertise from these certifications.

Having certifications in your pocket makes all the difference in the IT industry and are guaranteed to earn you high level jobs with handsome salary packages.

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