How to Choose a Birth Control Method

Most birth control methods are very effective when used in the right procedures. Before deciding on the birth control method to use, you need to understand how various contraceptives work. The choice of the contraceptive depends entirely on the commitment of the two partners. Remember, some of the birth control methods will double up to help prevent sexually transmitted diseases non of them are 100% effective against this or pregnancy. If the case is that you got pregnant and you were trying to prevent that, visit some abortion services or check these abortion pill for teens. But if you’re looking for abortion alternatives consider having your baby adopted.

Guidelines to deciding on the birth control method to use.

  • Decide on how you are going to use the contraceptive. Some of the contraceptives have to be ingested after a particular period while others are applied or used by inserting into ones body either externally or internally. Choose the mode you will be comfortable with.
  • Understand how the method works. Various birth control methods work differently such as condoms that prevent sperms from reaching the female’s egg, while pills produce hormones that prevent ovulation from taking place.
  • If the contraceptive you will be using requires prescription or is in form of an injection, visit a physician to administer it.

Birth Control Method How to Choose a Birth Control Method

Various birth control methods


This method is 100 % effective and will require commitment from the two partners. It’s the best birth control method to. Consider it if your partner is committed. Learn more about pregnancy tips with experts at ivf Sydney.


This method involves having intercourse and then ejaculating outside the vaginal canal. This is a very unsafe birth control method since sperms can enter the vaginal canal before ejaculation hence resulting to unplanned pregnancy. It also will expose you to STI risks. This method can be recommended to people who are sure they will be able to control their ejaculation and who are willing to handle the consequences if it fails.

Use of Condoms

Before using condoms, you should understand how to use them  properly. Condoms prevent  sperms from reaching the female’s egg. They also help prevent STDs. Both male and female condoms work in the same way, preventing sperm from entering the body. This contraceptive is fairly effective at around 85-99%. Condoms are best for people with multiple partners since it will help them reduce the chances of contracting STDs also.

Diaphragms and Cervical cap

These two birth control devices function in a similar manner as the condom by preventing sperms from reaching the female’s egg. They are more effective than the condom and can be inserted up to 24 hours before intercourse.

Oral contraceptives

Oral contraceptives release hormones estrogen and progesterone that prevent ovulation and pregnancy. There are different types of oral contraceptives, with their effective being between 95-99.9 percent. Most of the pills have serious side effects such as heart disease, and cancer.

Birth control Patch

These birth control devices are inserted in particular parts of the body and release hormones that prevent ovulation or pregnancy. They however do not help prevent STDs, most of the patches require surgery to be inserted and are visible to others. They are very effective especially to women who forget taking birth control pills or with irregular periods.

Remember: some of the birth control patch such as Norplant have been taken off the market, be keen on the device you use.

Birth control Injections

Hormonal injections are used either in the buttocks or arm after every three months. This birth control method is effective for couples who are not at risk of conducting STIs from their partners.

You can consult your regular doctor or gynecologist about these kinds of birth control.

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