How to Chip a Golf Ball

The frustrating nooks and corners a ball can go to makes golf “the gentleman’s game” because of the discipline, skill, and patience to play it. A beginner golfer can also read GHD Reviews to find the best courses to play on and if you’re looking for a new pair of shoes to get out on the course you can take a look at some like Puma Waterproof Golf Shoes.

Even the best golfers find themselves at a difficulty with the rough.

Below you can find a few tips on how to chip a golf ball.

What are chipping situations?

Chipping is a fundamental ability in golf. When the shots don’t land on the fairway or the green, it may just land in the rough or the sand trap. So the golfer will have to chip the ball to make it land square on the green with the least possible number of strokes. A smooth chip will take the ball out of the rough or bunker, learn more here at the link.

Chip a Golf Ball How to Chip a Golf Ball

What is the right club for chipping?

Chipping can be done with the use of any club on your golf bag but there are two sets perfect for chipping. According to an article posted at, the iron club is particularly designed to be used on the rough giving balls greater elevation at the expense of distance which is the primary goal when you chip. The wedge club is used for the bunkers when the golfer needs to lift the ball out of the sand trap. The sloping design of the wedge allows it to cut through the sand and ease the ball out of the bunker aimed at getting it into the green. You can visit if you want to practice chipping at home.

Follow the steps to chip a ball out of the trap or rough:

Step 1: Decide on which golf club you can use for the chipping task. Consult the caddy for suggestions, if you like.

Step 2: Think of the standard stance and grip you will need to have on your club.

Step 3: If the location is a slope in the bunker or a slanted part of the rough, stand steady and make sure you are at perfect balance.

Step 4: Assess the situation looking at the ball and a spot in the green you will chip the ball into. If you think it can be done, focus on sighting the hole.

Step 5: Give your club momentum by taking a small backswing. Use your full body but avoid making a full backswing when not necessary.

Step 6: Chip the ball out of the spot and see if you have been successful.

It is a given that a golfer wants to play the perfect game but hazards, roughs and bunkers make it more interesting and challenging. With the tips mentioned above, you can improve your golf-playing skills and experience a challenging performance with the gentleman’s game. Just make sure you have extra golf cart batteries on hand so you can keep playing if the old ones fail. You can also check out the best Golf Breaks in Portugal deals for a great course to play on.

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