How To Child Roof Decor

Now when it comes to décor in our homes it can be difficult to keep them clean and still gleaming looking after a few weeks of having the décor laid.  The problem is that many of us paint and wall paper our homes without thinking if that is the right solution for us, have we even got the right paint and the right kind of wall paper.  If not then we could have to do a lot of redecorating especially if you have a young family – that is when you having the wrong sort of paint or wall paper is going to be a nightmare.  You are going to be doing a lot of redecorating because the décor isn’t child friendly or childproofed.

You are going to need to make sure that if you are decorating then you should go for washable paint or wall paper because you are going to be able to take away many of the spills that a child could spill onto the walls.

ChildRoof Decor How To Child Roof Decor

The first step should be to find the right décor so going for picking out the right sort of pain, the right color is something that you want to find of course and one which is not going to be too expensive either.

Step 2: Use Washable Paint

If your child likes to draw on their walls then painting their room with a paint that is washable of course would be best.  It could be great to use washable paint in the kitchen because there are always going to be spills in the kitchen especially with the kids being messy eaters at some times.

If you do find that you have some spills on the wall – chocolate or soup then it could be best to try to wash it off as soon as you can; you can do this easily by taking some hot soapy water with some cleaning products added to the water to make it easier to remove.  To wash it off then it will be simple to do so, take a wet cloth with your mixture on it and wipe off the chocolate, soup or anything else that you have on the walls.  You should know that once the food has been removed then your walls will be or should be the same as they were when they were painted.

Step 3: Protect Against Spills

If you haven’t got washable paint all throughout the house then you should try to make sure that the kids play in their rooms with their crayons or when eating just get them to eat in the kitchen so that if there are any spills then it will be just in one place.  You can clean the walls easily and if you have carpets then they can be washed easily without taking too long; you just need to wash it in a washing machine for an hour and your carpets are back to normal.

Getting slipcovers for your sofas are probably the best thing to get, they can be easily washed.

Step 4: Keep Valuables Out of Kids’ Reach

Now this is going to be the tough part, getting your kids to respect their homes; since they are young they sometimes don’t understand the concept of what it means to keep everything clean and tidy.  You can start to teach the kids this by getting them to help you around the house, even if it is just to help clear away dishes.

It should be wise that if you have smaller children then keeping them out of reach of them is something you should think of.  It is also wise to keep the electrical wiring out of reach or in protective coverings like coils that hideaway the wires and keeps everyone safe.

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