How to Change Your Truck Brake Rotors

If you have a truck then you probably know to hang your truck brake rotors, but if your truck has some sort of anti-lock brakes then you are going to need to know how to change your truck brake rotors. The good news is that this isn’t something particularly difficult to do. Additionally, this will be seen as a big point in your favor when seeking CDL A Truck Driver Positions. Knowing the vehicle you will be driving well enough to potentially service and having a heavy vehicle licence for a truck or an rv trailer, it will make you stand out among other applicants for sure, and if you drive an rv trailer or a larger truck with a container attached regularly then you can buy Trailer or RV Windshield Covers to protect the interior from the sun while your out. Although most trucking companies prefer well-trained commercial truck repair mechanics to do the tune-up and repairs on their fleet, it’s definitely a skill you can put on your resume.

At this point it might be worth mentioning that you might want to avoid undertaking this task if you run into this issue out on the road. You would be too busy and unable to watch the traffic, which means you wouldn’t be safe. Instead what you should do is have the contact information of a 24 Hour Truck Road Service that you have already looked into and found to be reliable, and give them a call. They’ll be able to send an expert over with the tools and equipment needed that will be able to take care of this for you quickly and safely.

With that small disclaimer out of the way, let’s discuss what you’ll need and how you would go about working on this on your own. This would of course mean you are working on the vehicle safe at home or at a shop you might have access to, if not is better to take it to vehicle fleet maintenance to make sure that the job is done correctly.


  • Rags
  • Cleaning alcohol
  • Wrench
  • Jack
  • Truck brake rotors
  • truck electrics tools

Truck Brake Rotors How to Change Your Truck Brake Rotors

Your first step will be to park your truck in your garage or in an open area which can be safe for you to work as well as being on level and even ground also.  You are going to need to elevate the truck up to start your work so you are going to need your jack at the use to elevate the truck.

You are going to need to locate your wheel and then loosen your wheel lugs but remember that the truck should remained very supportive, that the jack has to remain in position and steady of course.

Your second step will be to disassemble each part of the car; only for the parts which are preventing you getting to the rotor itself.  You are going to know which parts you are going to take out so you could reach your truck brake rotor; you might need a wrench to remove some of the parts in the car. You can also see at the website affordable parts for your truck.

Your third step will be to remove the rotor; if you have removed all of the cars parts then you should find your rotor.  You will have to remove the brake caliper and other things to get to your rotors however.  Be careful when you are removing all of the parts however because you don’t want to hurt yourself; you don’t want to keep the parts out in the sun or on the ground, you should try to store them in a cool, dry place which won’t get any dirt on them.  Getting dirt on your wheel bearings may lead to contamination and if they do get contaminated then you might have to replace the wheel bearings.

Your fourth step is going to be cleaning and matting your surface of your car.  You will need to clean your car; get rid of any dirt or dust that has found its way into your car should be vital because you are going to have to think about the parts of the car.  You need your rotor to work properly but it might not if there is a collection of dirt and dust in your car, it is the same with your brakes, if you don’t regularly check and keep the brakes clean then you might find they don’t work as how they should.

Your fifth step will be to install your new rotor; now to install your new rotor is actually quite easy once you know how to do it.  You just need to take out the old rotor from your car and then replace with the new rotor.  The only problem that you might have is remembering where the other parts go when you are trying to put them back in so even taking down a note or two as to which order and where they go could help you.

Your sixth steps is going to put everything back to where it was originally; now you are going to have to put your wheel back into its place and then your wheel lugs also.  Remember you have to be sure that your wheel lugs are tight enough so that they don’t fly off when you drive your car; so checking that they are in securely in is best before you test drive your car.

Your seventh step is to test drive your brakes; you really do want to take your truck out for a test drive so that you can be sure that your brakes are perfectly working but remember try to do this in open country and not on any of the busy roads.

Your eighth step is going to be your rear truck brake rotor; if you do need to change your rear rotor then you are going to really do the same as the front procedure.  This too is a simple procedure to follow however so you don’t need to get a professional in because you now know how to do it yourself.

Your ninth step is going to be to make sure of everything that you have done so far, making sure that you have jacked the car up properly and that everything is secure enough when you are placing the old parts.

Truck Brake Rotors 1 How to Change Your Truck Brake Rotors

The tenth step will be to look over all of your parts in the truck; you need to make sure that everything is in good working order and that nothing has began to rust.  Checking on the brake pads is a good idea to do just to make sure that you are going to need to change any of the parts.

The eleventh step you should try will be to test drive your truck; now make sure you have done all of your cleaning first though and have taken out all old part and put the new parts in before you take it out for a drive.  This will be done so that you know that everything is working and in good working order also.

Your final step isn’t really a step but rather just a good tip to try when it comes to your truck; you should get some alcohol when it comes to cleaning your new rotor, it would be the best thing to do before you install your new rotor.


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