How to Change the Blade of an Oscillating Fan

A popular choice for many people’s homes are not the usual air conditioning systems, not even some fans like home fans or even desk or floor fans.  Everyone is going to have their own choices when it comes to choosing an air conditioning system so many might want to use a floor fan and some might want to use just a small desk fan but one which is becoming quite popular in many homes is the Oscillating fan.  These are quite useful to have around the home, to keep these clean and working properly is another matter however.

There a few things that you are going to need to do to keep your Oscillating fan working properly; so changing the blades on the fan is something that should be done but you don’t need to worry it is not a very hard task to do.  If you know what you’re doing then it can be a very easy task that you will need to do; in fact you could probably do this with your eyes closed after you’ve done it the first time.

Oscillating Fan How to Change the Blade of an Oscillating Fan

To change the blade of the Oscillating fan you will need to open the grille over the fan firstly; this should be done easily – sometimes it will just pop off or sometimes it could be screwed down so whichever one it is easy to remove the grille anyway.  You should remove all of the dust from the fan meaning you are going to have to clean each part of the fan properly as well as removing the blade so that you could replace them.  A lot of people won’t know how to do this at first though which is understandably though so read on and you could find a few simple instructions.

The first step that you should take is to unplug your fan, now that should be something that doesn’t need to be said but a lot still don’t think about it sometimes so unplugging the fan is crucial.  You should then take the grille from the Oscillating fan which will usually be made from wire so it will be easy to remove.  You will find your motor and the fan blades also; a clip or some screws will be holding the parts together of the grille.

Your blades are going to be attached to the centre of the fan and you will probably find a screw on cap that keeps all this together and attached.  You will need to take the cap off and then you are going to be able to remove the blades which are going to be replaced and replace them.

You should get a cloth, damp usually but not soaking wet and wipe down each part of the fan; clean the wire grille, blades, motor so that you can remove all of the dust from them.  When you have got your new blade then make sure that it is dust free but you should note that for your oscillating blade is going to be curved but towards the front of the blade.  Now you are going to be able to replace the blades into the fan itself and put the cap back on making sure that it is tight and secure.  Put your grille back on the front of the fan and there you have it, your fan is like new again.

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