How to Change a Bathroom Vent

Getting a bathroom vent can be a great thing to have for your home because it helps prevents any humidity staying in the room and keep out the odors also; to help prevent mould then you could get any moisture in the room removed with a bathroom vent.  They can help reducing any problems you have in your bathroom with mould or mildew can be lessen with these fans taking out the air and back outside.

Sometimes however these bathroom vents can break down at some times and that could mean that there are going to be some odors developing in the room.  That is why you should get these bathroom vents fixed as soon as possible so that there are no problems building up in your room but replacing them are actually quite easy to do.  If you are going to replace the vent yourself then remember to get yourself a protective mask – this is because you might be allergic to the dust particles in the vent.

Change Bathroom Vent How to Change a Bathroom Vent

What you are going to need;

1.       Screwdriver

2.       Vac

3.       Fan motor – new of course

4.       Stepladder

Step 1: Power on

The first step that is probably not needed to be even said is of course to switch off power to the vent at your circuit box.

Step 2: Loosen up

Take your stepladder and place it under your vent and then use it to reach your vent so that you can loosen the grill of the vent.  Many vents will be screwed down so you are going to have to take out the screws; make sure you have the vent secured.

Step 3: Locate

You should see your motor of your vent and find the model number and then take your vac and remove all of the dust out of the vent.  You need to make sure that you have cleaned out all of the dust from the vent so that you can get your model number so that you can get a replacement; if you find the right model then that is going to make it much easier to replace it.

Step 4: Blower off

You will need to locate the blower which is near the pipe, you need to remove it.

Step 5: Unplugging

Take out the motor which is going to be found in the electrical socket just inside the vent and simple take it out; sometimes it might be screwed in so if so then you can just unscrew out the screws and then take out the motor.

Step 6: Installation

You need to install the new motor; this is a simple part, you just need to put it back where the old one was and affix it with screws so that it is secure.  Now you can put the blower back into place and then plug the motor in.

Bathroom Vent How to Change a Bathroom Vent

Step 7: Power on

Now the last step will be to turn back on your power with your circuit box and make sure that your vent is fine and properly working.  If not then you should see what you have done wrong or if you think you have done everything right consult a professional just in case.

This is the few simple steps to replace your bathroom vent which is quite simple once you get the hang of it which shouldn’t even take a hour, thirty minutes probably less once you know what you are doing.   Your vent is going to have its motor, frame and some wires leading to your power source so be careful.

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