How to Catch a Baseball

Baseball is one of the popular games played by many young people. Everyday there are many more fans who are willing to gain skill to play this attention grabbing game. Quite often coaches in the little league are teaching the young ones on different skills of the game such as how to catch the ball. You can also assist them to learn the skills by encouraging them to practice daily. You do not have to worry if you do not know how to catch a baseball yourself. Follow the following tips and you will learn how to go about it.


  • Keep a keep watch of the ball when it is in the air. Most learners usually have a problem with tracing exactly how the ball will move; but with practice one is ball to easily guess how the ball will move. Be prepared to catch it by trying to see the path of which it will take. Always assume that the ball will not be thrown to you. This makes the player to always be alert and thus reducing chances of missing the ball.

Catch a Baseball How to Catch a Baseball

  • Positioning is very important in baseball. Make sure you are standing in a position that allows you to quickly adjust whichever the direction that the ball goes. You will have to move towards its direction to catch it. Adjust quickly in readiness to catch it. Swiftness is an important aspect that any baseball player should seek to achieve.
  • Open and adjust your glove in front of the ball in readiness to receive the baseball.
  • Keep watch of the ball at all times. Incase the glare of the sun is affecting you wear some shades to reduce the suns glare.
  • In the ready position, with the glove wide open and your free hand in front of you wait for the ball. The moment it hits the palm of your hand take your free hand on top of your glove to assist close the ball in your palm.
  • You will need to go for the ball instead of waiting for it to come to you. If it hits above your waist, catch the ball with the thumbs together and if above the waist, catch with the small fingers together. Don’t forget to close the bare hand over the glove as you catch the ball.

Make the practice sessions fun

  • Make the practice sessions fun by having more players to participate such as friends. You can include little games that they can engage in. Make sure that you teach them the correct way of catching the baseball.
  • Offer a small reward to the person who is able to do the best. This will encourage them to do their best. It will contribute to their enthusiasm and make them compete more.
  • Perform exercises to train them to improve their skills such as arm strength, skill, etc. You can do this by pairing them up so they can throw the ball to each other and try to catch one on one.

Remember to make the learning process fun so they can continue to practice and look forward to the events. If you can keep the kids interested in the game they will continue to come to your place for practice sessions.

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