How to Care For Your Whole House Fan

Our homes have to be perfect, everyone knows that. Whether you are a family household or just living by yourself, you know that your home can make up a part of your image and if it doesn’t look great then you don’t feel great.  We everything that we possibly can to try to make them a little more perfect; sometimes it can be the wallpaper and décor and sometimes it can be your air conditioning. You don’t want an air conditioner unit that is no good, that cuts out and doesn’t cool down your rooms at all otherwise they are of no real use. That is when you should get some type of unit that is going to be perfect for your air conditioning installation; some also choose to get floor fans and some get a whole house fan. Read More…

When we do get a whole house fan some of us don’t think about the future for it or the responsibilities; the truth is we are going to have to keep this clean to make sure it works properly. There are many things in which you can do to keep your whole house fan in proper working order so that you can use it whenever you need to and is going to last for years; you don’t want to keep on buying them every few months because they can rack up a hefty bill. Having an hvac maintenance plan can save you $$ in the short & long run. You can visit Control Techs NW to get a quote.

Whole House Fan How to Care For Your Whole House Fan

If you want your whole house fan to last long then you could try a few things; you should first know which one you really want to go for.  Which one is going to be more suitable for your home, and is going to keep it cool. According to hills district air conditioning, When you are picking one out, then you need to know if there is going to be enough vent area in your attic because that can be important.

If you want to know how to look after your whole house fan, then follow these few simple steps:

  • Cleaning the motor and the fan blades to the fan is important and should be done on a frequent base. You need to keep the blades and motor clean because you are going to find that the dirt can build up and can often get a little greasy on the motor. If it has not been properly cleaned frequently, then your fan is going to overheat. Contact professional HVAC services or some professionals at AirMAX for AC repair services to check your unit.
  • If you like to keep the speeds of the fan up high, then try to lessen the pace because you only really want it on a high temperature if your home is warm so keeping it at a low temperature when your home is cool. Especially at during the night time, you don’t need the fan operating on a high speed meaning you are going to be less disturbed by the noise of the fan also. You should do regular maintenance and tune up for your fans. You may Call for AC tune-up in Kuna to help you with this.
  • Checking your fan regularly is important because the belts are usually made of rubber and might often need to be oiled to make it run smoother. If you also have any other hvac systems in the house that might require cleaning or fixing, you must seek Air Conditioning Maintenance Services because they are efficient in what they do.
  • From where you have situated the fan, you must make sure that there is nothing obstructing the fan and that if there is then move it. Or if you have a lot of electrical wires around then you shouldn’t keep them there, it is a hazard. Contact a professional to install it for you. Visit to see if they service your area.

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