How to Care for a Cactus

Cactus are good plants to start with if you want to learn more about how to take care of plants. They look nice and are easy to take care of. Below are tips on how to care for a cactus:

You will need:

  • Low-nitrogen fertilizer
  • New cactus pot
  • Small hand-held sprayer
  • Well-drained potting soil with gravel and sand

Step 1: Move the cactus to a new pot. The cactus may have most likely been in the old pot for a while and can have some re-potting.

Cactus How to Care for a Cactus

Step 2: Select a pot that is slightly bigger than the one holding the cactus upon purchase. Make sure that the new pot has many holes at the bottom for good drainage.

Step 3: Secure some cactus soil from the gardening store. If it is not available, you can make your own cactus soil mixing a part of potting soil with a part of sand and some gravel.

Step 4: Take the cactus out of the old pot by breaking it. Digging the cactus out of the soil may cause root damage.

Step 5: Layer the bottom of the pot with cactus soil before placing the cactus in the new cup. Fill up the rest of the pot with the remaining cactus soil. Make sure that the soil is not very lightly or very tightly packed.

Step 6: Water the cactus every other day by spraying water with the hand-held spray. Keep the cactus away from the sun for one week. One week will let the cactus adjust in its new pot. After re-potting, you don’t have to repeat it again unless required (e.g. the pot breaks).

Step 7: When the cactus has successfully adjusted, it is easy to care for it. Remember the two seasons: active growing season (spring and summer) and dormant (winter and fall).

Step 8: Care for the cactus during active growing season by watering most days of the week. Water the cactus when there is only half an inch of dry soil left.

Step 9: Don’t water the cactus again until soil is totally dry. Insert a pencil in the soil and when it comes out clean, it is completely dry.

Step 10: During the dormant season, water the cactus once every two to three weeks. You must take note that overwatering can cause a cactus to die.

Step 11: Opposing popular assumptions, cacti do not need to be exposed to the sun too much. The type of cactus will determine how much sunlight it needs.

Step 12: Fertilize with low-nitrogen fertilizer every quarter year.

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