How to Calm Your Mind

When you are feeling nervous about something, it gets in the way of you facing the situation in a logical and practical manner. Instead of trying to get the job done, it can take your focus away from the thing that needs to be accomplished or addressed. You have to learn how to calm your mind to lessen anxieties and stress. Here are different ways on how you can do this:

Tip 1: Adopt a mantra.

If you have a tendency to let your mind wander away to other things aside from productive thinking, you can adopt a mantra that will serve as your guide. It can be short and simple. For instance “Eye on the goal” is a mantra that will keep you focused on your goal and you can eliminate thoughts that won’t help you finish the job and maintain a calmer look.

Calm Mind2 How to Calm Your Mind

Tip 2: Try meditation.

Meditation is something that is continuously practiced and perfected by many individuals. You can perform meditations by setting aside a time period when you can find a quiet spot where you can sit down and clear your head of thoughts. You can also try reciting your chosen mantra. Feel the silence and listen to your breathing. Doing it the first time might feel awkward but you will get used to it over time.

Meditation also involves letting go of the past and the future – focusing on the present. Feel your very presence, your feet on the surface, your weight, and your life. Breathe and listen to the sounds around you. Look at the things around you. Listen to your senses telling you of your being a unified whole. Hold the focus. Take in everything without jumping from one thing to the next. When your mind wanders of while meditating, don’t force yourself to go back into the state of calm. Reroute your thoughts and bring back perfect calm and balance.

Tip 3: Assume a calming pose

Your mind and body are strongly connected. When you assume a calming pose, you will reach a calmer state of mind.

Step 1: Sit on your heels with your knees slightly pulled closer together.

Step 2: Slowly and gently bend forward making your head touch the ground.

Step 3: Let your arms rest on both sides with your palms facing upward.

Step 4: Close your eyes and listen intently to your breathing to let the tension and anxieties disappear.

Step 5: Inhale slowly and imagine gently pressing your belly against your thighs while breathing.

Step 6: Imagine stress leaving your body. Imagine complete calm.

Tip 4: Listen to calming music.

You can listen to calming music or nature sounds. You can upload your choice of music that will help you stay calm. Your iPod and mp3 players are best used. So when anxieties are on their way to you, take some time off and drift with the music. It will soothe you in no time and let you face the problem in a calmer way later.

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