How to Calculate Your Heart Rate

Your heart rate reflects your current state of health. Specifically, the heart rate shows your fitness level; and the metabolic rate at some point. Your heart rate is considered a rough estimate. However, it can give a clear view of how much you require more focused fitness regimen. Before calculating your heart rate, an expected targeted heart rate must be determined.

The pulse factor refers to the measurement of your pulse to determine the heart rate because before arriving at a heart rate, the pulse count for a minute must be obtained. This must be done 3 times. The counting of the pulse can be done at separate parts of the day but it is more advisable to do it at a time when the body is under the same conditions. Commonly, it is done three consecutive times in the morning right after waking up.

Heart Rate Calculate How to Calculate Your Heart Rate

The average heart rate is an estimate of the actual heart rate matched against the ideal or target rate. This can be measured by summing up the pulse counts for a minute and divide them by three. The result becomes the person’s average heart rate. For instance, the three consecutive counts are 80, 79, and 81. This brings the average heart rate to 80.

Your target heart rate is what you aim to get. It refers to the person’s ideal fitness level and is used as an estimate measurement of health. To get the targeted heart rate, the maximum heart rate or MRH must be distinguished. Take your age out of 220 and that becomes your MHR. After that, you can subtract your average heart rate from MHR which gives you your heart rate reserve or HRR. Then you need to multiply HRR with 0.60 – write the result. Multiply the HRR with .80 – write the result. With the two values, you must add them up and divide the sum by 2. The answer is then your target heart rate.

When your average heart rate and your target heart rate are very far apart, do not be alarmed. This means that you will need to exercise some more, and improve your metabolic rate. Reaching the target rate is not really required. The importance of knowing this activity is for you to feel light, active and happy. These feelings are clear signs of good health.

Exercise is important to keep the body fit and maintain proper functioning of the body organs.

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