How to Build a Home Gym

Many people pay membership fees to health clubs and gyms, but this is usually expensive, time consuming and requires extra commitment when compared to having a gym at home. A gym will help you exercise any time you are free. Making a gym at home is the best investment to make for your health, since the equipment you buy will last a lifetime.

Benefits of Home gyms

Home built gyms have more benefits when compared to commercial gyms such as:

Time efficient: You won’t have to spend time going to the gym to exercise which is at times hard for persons with a busy schedule.

gym1 How to Build a Home Gym

Low expenses: You will not be required to pay any membership fee. Having one at home will be a life time investment that will only require little upkeep expenses.

Freedom: When training at home you will be free to choose the music that will inspire you to lift the heaviest weights. Ask an A/V Company if they can install the sound systems in your home gym. You will be free to train without having to be conscious of the other people in the gym.

Where to build the gym?

Most people build their gym in the garage or a spare room. Before converting your room into a gym, you might want to consider waterproofing it first. If you want to build it on your garage, then contact a professional like Garage Builder in Ofallon, IL | Midwest Garage Builders. Mostly gym workout fitness equipment are bulky and some of its equipment such as barbells and dumbbells need to be stored in secure locations. Be careful on the room you set apart to build the gym.

Home gym space

Height, width and depth: Choose a room that is high enough so that your power holders can fit perfectly. Compare the size of the equipment you want to be in your gym with the room’s space. If you can’t find the room for it, you could put a few things in self storage. As for the room, it should be at least your length plus an extra one meter so that you can freely do overhead press without hitting the ceiling with the barbell. To get more ideas, just check the building contractors dublin found at website for their projects.

Steps for setting up the home gym

  1. Purchase an adjustable bench. Buying an adjustable bench will enable you use it as the inclined bench, decline bench and flat bench. Buying this bench will make you cut on the expenses you would incur if you were to buy the three benches separately.
  2. Get a set of dumbbells. Dumbbells have been considered as the best hypertrophy training equipment. They are cheap and fairly small hence won’t take much of your space. If you are a beginner, you can start with lower weight sets then buy higher weights sets as you become stronger.
  3. Get cardiovascular training equipment. Though cardiovascular training can be performed using dance steps and tapes; it’s always advisable to buy cardiovascular exercise equipment. Consider buying equipment such as speed bags, medicine balls, punching balls, and calf weights. These equipment will be of great help in keeping your heart and lungs in good physical shape.
  4. Endurance training equipment. Buy equipment such as treadmills, riders, elliptical trainers and exercising bikes. These equipment will provide your body with total body workout making you be fit to do any physical activity. Make sure to buy the best foam rollers for your cool down after an intense workout.
  5. Carefully choose the location to place each of the equipment.

Though the overall cost of assembling the home gym when getting Houston Home Remodeling may seem high; remember you will incur those expenses once. This investment will be able to pay itself off in a round a year. not forgetting the extra muscle gains you will get from training in this home gym. When you calculate the amount you would have paid in a commercial gym in a year, it will be higher.

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