How to Build a Wood Retaining Wall

A Retaining wall construction is a stabilizing structure which is used hold and support sloping grounds in place. It is also used to prevent soil movement for proper erosion control. To be able to redistribute and accommodate lateral pressure which is commonly caused by sloping, retaining walls should be sturdy and substantial in structure. Retaining walls are designed normally with seepage holes. These seepage holes allow the escape of collected ground water. Added pressure which are created by water being accumulated are released through this and helps in keeping the stability of the retaining wall. If you need help from professionals, Oahu Retaining Walls is one such company that builds retaining walls.

how to build a wood retaining wall How to Build a Wood Retaining Wall

There many different materials which be used in the construction of a retaining wall. Concrete and stone used often. Concrete Contractors Ohio are experts in everything related to concrete work services. There are retaining wall blocks which are specially crafted light concrete and aggregate materials which are designed specifically for this purpose. There are some styles which interlock which makes assembly less time consuming, simpler and less costly. This is because each of the block fit securely with the next one. Since the fit of the blocks are secure, mortar isn’t required anymore for addition. Having concrete benchtops in such spaces make the place more beautiful and enjoyable for you.

In the past, railroad ties and large stones were usually to build a retaining wall with a tiered look. Today however, there are many types and styles of retaining wall blocks. Usually, performed blocks are the common choices since they are easy to use and affordable. In addition, a perforated metal can also be used because it’s aesthetic and durable.

Homeowners can have retaining walls built by professionals in Keystone Retaining Wall Installation or build one himself. In constructing a stable wall, they is to make sure that the wall is completely level. Each of the layer must be backfilled. This would give substance to the retaining wall and would help in providing good drainage as well. Stone, sand, leftover soil or pea gravel are generally used for backfill. Approach architects Melbourne for professional advice.

How to Build a Wood Retaining Wall

  1. Plan the project first. The height and the size of the wall must be determined. This one will help the second step in determining the materials which will be needed for the project.
  2. When the plan is ready, go ahead in purchasing the materials needed. The taller your wall, the longer and bigger beam support you will need to buy. You will also need to place these closer together. For example, if your wall is 6 ft tall, 6×8 beams are recommended which, for every 2 ft are 10ft to 12ft long. Treated lumber and nails are also need to create the wall.
  3. Set the work area. For the support beams, start digging the holes. Determine where wall boards would start then go ahead with the ground levelling off. So you will have room for working, dig hill back away
  4. Put some hard packing gravel in beam hole. Beam must be place in the hole and packed tight using gravel. Treated wall boards can then be nailed once all the beams are in place. As a general rule, as the beams are sticking out, have them as deep in the ground.
  5. Once all the walls are built, the area must be backfilled behind the wall using the dirt which are removed previously. With one exception, to allow longer lasting wall and for better drainage, you need to put a layer of gravel between any dirt and your wall.
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