How to build a Sand box

Sandbox will give your kids the adventure they need at no additional cost, furthermore, It will give your kids a playground that they can explore and build their creativity, with no risks involved.

Choosing the right location

The location of the sandbox will determine how maximally the kids will be able to play in it. If you have a large yard it may be very easy to choose the area to build it. However, if your backyard is small you will be required to have some creativity in choosing the location. Some of the things you should put in mind is how much sun or shade the sand box should be receiving. Also consider its location relative to trees. Do not build it on tree roots since the roots may scrap into the sandbox. Building the sandbox near low tree will give the kids a chance to jump to the sand pile from the tree making their play more enjoyable. Choose a location that you can easily see while doing you house chores, remember you will still need to keep an eye on the child.

Sand Box How to build a Sand box

Material selection

When selecting materials to build the sand box you have to be keen on the choice of material you pick. If considering covering the bottom of the box to discourage weeds and allow adequate drainage, do not use plastic since they don’t allow drainage to occur. Remember to choose a good material to use in making a cover for the sand box to avoid it being used as litter box by the pets in the house. Decide on the type of materials to use, if you don’t have easy access to wood, use materials that will compliment it well. Don’t use pressure treated lumbar since the chemicals used to treat it may be very harmful to the kids. Untreated fir, pine or even spruce will be able to stand long enough to outlast the kid’s interest for a sandbox.

Assembling the sand box

When assembling the sand box, choose wall block style that will be able to complement your garden. Keep in mind that most of the space you excavate will be filed with sand. After identifying the sand box space, dig so that it is about one foot deep, this will help the sand box walls to be firm. After leveling the bottom of the sandbox, cover it with a fabric that can allow drainage and also keep off weeds from the sand box. Start by assembling the sides of the sand box using 2 x 12 inch clump. Remember the front and back pieces should be longer than the side pieces. Starting from one corner of the box, brace all the corners firmly. To make the sandbox strong, interlock the corners or use corner blocks to make it firm. Use triangular seat to make the sand box more firm while at the same time doubling out to be simple seats for the kids.

Adding sand

Choose sterilized sand or river sand. River sand is usually cleaned by the river water. If you can not get this kind of sand, use contractors sand that has been sterilized to fill the hole.

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