How to Build a Portable Pitching Mound

A portable pitcher’s mound is a piece of equipment which comes in very handy during bad weather when practice needs to be moved to the nearest area with dry ground or indoor. Usually, these areas don’t have a pitcher’s mound so having a portable one could prove to be very useful. A 2-piece portable pitcher’s mound can be created out of wood.

Materials You’ll Need

  • 2 foot planks 6×10 – 3/ 4 inch thick
  • 1 lumber board 2×8 – 6 feet long
  • 1 lumber board 2×6 – 6 feet long
  • 1 lumber board 2×4 – 6 feet long
  • 1 lumber board 2×2 – 6 feet long
  • 2 foot planks 4×6 – 3/ 4 inch thick
  • 4 lumber boards 2×10 – 6 feet long
  • 2-inch screws
  • Drill

how to build a portable pitching mound How to Build a Portable Pitching Mound


  1. Take 3 of your 2×10 lumber boards and arrange them parallel to each other, 20 inches apart, standing on edge of the plank’s top.
  2. Cover the 3 2×10 lumber boards with the 4×6 board. Screw the board to the beams. For each beam, you will be needing at least 8 screws. One of your beams should be 4 inches from one of the 2×10 lumber’s edge, the other in the middle and one for the remaining 2×10 lumber.
  3. Flip the beams and the board over. The other board must then be attached to the beam’s other edge. You must align it with your first board.
  4. In ascending order, the other beams should be arranged on the ground, 2 feet apart, parallel to each other: first the 2×2, followed by the 2×4, then the 2×6, next the 2×8 and finally the 2×10.
  5. A 6×10 can now be laid over your beams which you arranged in ascending order in a slanting position with a 2×10 beneath a 6 foot edge. The other edge of the lumber should be touching the ground measuring 2 feet beyond the 2×2 lumber. Using 2-inch screws, attach your board to all the beams. At least 8 screws should be used on each of the beam.
  6. Flip over the beams and the board. Attach the other 6×10 board to your beams.
  7. Slice your wedge which is made out your 6×10 board beneath the overhanging edge of your rectangular platform which is made out of your 4×6 board. If you want to label the rubber’s spot, it should be in the 6-foot crease’s center between its parts, 6-inch distance to your platform. You can paint a rectangle to label the rubber’s location.
  8. For an added touch, surface your mound’s wood with artificial turf or polyurethane.
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