How to Build a Porch

A porch is a great place where family and friends can gather together. With these simple guide, you can create your own porch and have your very own place to bond with friends and loved ones anytime you want. You may also hire porch builders to help you on this.

How to Build a Porch Frame

  1. In creating a sill plate, the bottom of a 2 x 4 foot board should be laid out. You need to use lumber which is pressure treated. The sill plate should be square.
  2. Each sill plate’s corner should be fastened to a concrete floor. Concrete anchors should be used. The first thing to do is drilling into the concrete and then inserting the plastic anchors, according to concrete repair services in Illinois Concrete Hero. Screw the lag bolts to the plastic anchors to be able to secure the sill plate. The concrete floor should be free of irregularities. If you spot some, you should contact concrete grinding services prior to doing this step. If you need to rework your flooring, consider giving your porch a concrete cutting job.
  3. A layer of wood should be secured to the top of the sill plate. For more decoration, you can then do on placing the trim to the inside wall’s bottom.
  4. Top plate can now be placed. A stud should be propped against the wall on top of the sill plate temporarily fastening it in place. The board to be used for the top plate should be placed against the ceiling, holding it up on the upright stud then also using another stud in supporting the other side. Make sure that the site is marked.
  5. Using a saw to cut away, base plates should be removed for doorways.
  6. To know where to put the wall studs, width for the screens should be checked. Set the studs. Make sure to put 2 studs on both sides of the door for the purpose of conjoining the hinge to the screen for door frames. Don’t forget about water damage repair services in case there’s something to fix at home.

how to build a porch How to Build a Porch

How to Install the Top Rail, Balusters and Door Frame of a Porch

  1. Using a chalk line and a level, create a line on wall stud measuring 32 inches from the floor up.
    Proceed on creating a top rail. Toenail screws to the end after cutting a 2 x 4 ft board to its right length, horizontally securing them between 2 studs.
  2. Know the length between the sill plate and the top rail. Cut to that length the 2×2 ft board. They should be positioned in a way where with the outside wall, they are flush and evenly spaced.
  3. A doorstop should be installed around the side and top of the area of the door after the door has been framed.
    The frame of the porch and the screen door should be primed. Proceed with painting, colour schemes can be really important because it will be the face of your home. To keep the primer from getting on the screen, painters tape should be used.
  4. The screen can then be cut to length then using staples to apply it. One side should be stapled to the stud. After stretching it, go ahead by stapling the other side. Lath should be cut to length, then prime and then paint. It should be installed to cover screen edges.
  5. The screen doors can now be hung up. To a gap a quarter-inch, be sure that a lath is placed under the door. In attaching the wall stud to the door, wall hinges should be used.
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